Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Apartment Update- The Land

We got a small piece of land across from a Buddhist temple. Mom found it for us and suddenly she set the wheels in motion for us to buy it and eventually build something there. At first we thought of building a home there and eventually living there.

Then we thought it would be a good place for our apartment project. Several plans were drawn up with different numbers of rooms and different shapes. We ended up going with a number of rooms that we could probably afford to build. We ended up with a single row, three story apartment.

It will have one stairwell to access the upper floors. In the photos of the land, you can see another piece of land with a similar apartment right next to where ours will be built. Probably identical to ours, in fact, they will be probably only 2 meters apart when all is said and done.
This is the apartment next door. Similar size land, but this one is 6 rooms long, ours will be 7 rooms long (21 rooms total) The neighbor has a house back at the rear of his apartment where I think he lives. Ours will not have that much room as we went with the extra room towards the end.

The other half of the land (it is long and thin) can't really fit anything, so for now it will be a parking lot. We had thought of someday expanding the apartment over to that side, but it really looks too small when you see it on paper.

These photos are taken from the very very corner of the land so makes it look wider than it is ;) Kind of like on a realty website, how they make the rooms look sooooo big!
We had the wall on the right built to separate our land from the parcel of land next door. Right now I think a noodle shop sits there. Maybe they're waiting to sell it. Wouldn't that be something if we could buy that land in twenty years and expand the apartment to a second row and build us a house and garden! But that's thinking WAAAAY into the future!

The main thing we did to the land was cut trees and add tons and tons of dirt and let it sit through the rainy season to pack the soil down. We also had to build a cement fence between us and the property next door (other side of the existing apartment).

We've been sitting on this land for about a year. Planning and waiting. As we were waiting (blueprints, get our finances where we needed them, permits, gvmt approval, contractor) An apartment was built across the road from our land, next to the temple. Plenty of "competition" on our road, but people need to live somewhere and there is a small college down the road as well as a newly build mall so we think we should, eventually and slowly, be able to fill our place with decent tenants.

Finally, no more than a month ago, we broke ground and the work has officially begun. Updates to follow :)


mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae: Great investment for your future. When you are in your "golden years" you will be happy that you accomplished this project at a much younger age. Very smart thing to do. It will be an awesome feeling for you to watch the progress. Each faze will WOW you and when the project is complete you will be amazed at what you both have built and I wish you all the good luck that you deserve.
Love always, Auntie
P.S. I was a reindeer in a Christmas play that our retirement club put on last week and I must say that my reindeer costume did not hold a candle to your zebra costume. hahahaha

Pae and Guy said...

Thank you, Auntie. We should have a family party ;) Who were you? Dasher? Dancer? Prancer? Vixen? Hahaha! Woulda been something to see ;) We'll keep posting little by little as the project proceeds. There are likely to be snags and delays, we've had some already with the bank and an outsourced inspector, but everything should be fine :)

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