Friday, December 18, 2015

A couple TNF photos Eric found

Yeah, I know it's almost a year since The North Face Thailand 2015, but Eric found some photos a couple months back and I just ran across them in one of my download folders on my laptop.

Posting them here just for the memories ;)
Still early in the race, pitch black and then suddenly a camera flash! My eyes!!! We were huffing and puffing already, not 10km into the fifty because we were trying to catch up after taking a wrong turn.

This year, I registered Eric and myself for TNF 2016. Same race, TNF100 Duo team race. Eric is injured right now and will not be able to make the race in 6 weeks. I guess I should find someone else to run with or at least to take the bib. There is a 50% possibility that I don't go up this year, but I'll play that by ear and decide nearer to the end of December after I've had a week off from teaching and time to get some longer runs in and see how my legs feel and more importantly see how my mental state is as far as running goes.
Probably somewhere after 40km. We'd both pretty much had it by this point and just wanted to go home...Recurring theme in my long distance running ;) It's not negative, it's just an honest feeling that you have to deal with sometimes when you're exhausted and still 10km away from a comfy bale of hay and a cold cup of ice water at the finish line.

Either way I'll be happy, running TNF next year or not running it. I'm not gonna force myself to run it if I'm just not into it ;) I did that at Ayutthaya a few weeks back. My excuse was "Well I already paid for it, even though I'm not feelin' it, I should still go run."
There is always a sense of relief at the finish line. Not a lot of smiling and posing in the 400 meters prior, but the handshakes and pats on the back that Eric and I share every time we run TNF together are honest and well-earned.
True, this race is supposed to be my warm up for UTKC 2016 the next month...also already paid for...

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