Friday, May 22, 2015

Family Trip to Japan

We got home from a family trip to Japan a few weeks ago. I haven't really had the time to blog any photos from the trip as school just started back up with a new semester and to tell you the truth, I just haven't been in the mood, with BunBun and all...I think my running and just everyday life things that we normally do have been similarly affected. I think it will take time to get the emotions back in check.

I hope to at least share some photos of the trip as it's the first time that most of us had been to Japan. Pae had been there for a few days when she flew with Jetstar. For Pae's mom and dad, and even me, it was a first-time experience.

I've decided to put the blog into DAYS, kinda like we did for our trip together to Korea; Day 1, Day 2, etc. I think that will make the entries a little smaller, easier to follow and easier for me to type up without pausing for days and weeks at a time before finishing up and publishing a post.

Mom (Pae's mom) just asked if I had burned the photos to a DVD for the Ubon family and it reminded me that I not only had to do that, but also to get them up on the blog and even Facebook for that matter...been slackin'.

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mardenheyjude said...

Hi Guy and Pae:
I miss your blog posts, Guy. Love always to both of you, Auntie

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