Friday, May 22, 2015

Family Trip to Japan

We got home from a family trip to Japan a few weeks ago. I haven't really had the time to blog any photos from the trip as school just started back up with a new semester and to tell you the truth, I just haven't been in the mood, with BunBun and all...I think my running and just everyday life things that we normally do have been similarly affected. I think it will take time to get the emotions back in check.

I hope to at least share some photos of the trip as it's the first time that most of us had been to Japan. Pae had been there for a few days when she flew with Jetstar. For Pae's mom and dad, and even me, it was a first-time experience.

I've decided to put the blog into DAYS, kinda like we did for our trip together to Korea; Day 1, Day 2, etc. I think that will make the entries a little smaller, easier to follow and easier for me to type up without pausing for days and weeks at a time before finishing up and publishing a post.

Mom (Pae's mom) just asked if I had burned the photos to a DVD for the Ubon family and it reminded me that I not only had to do that, but also to get them up on the blog and even Facebook for that matter...been slackin'.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Wiggle Wiggle

BunBun's nose was always wiggling :)

Obviously he wiggled to breathe, but he had different wiggles.

One wiggle was when he smelled fruit or some other thing that smelled like he wanted to eat it. One wiggle was for begging for food on top of his cage. One wiggle was his sleeping or flopping wiggle. One was when he was "tahan"ing under something, perhaps his IFF (identification friend or foe) wiggle. He had an outside playing in the garden wiggle and a sleepy, comfy, content and happy wiggle. Armpit petting wiggle and meatloaf wiggle.

I guess his wiggler was always wiggling ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy BunBun

A Binky is a bunny behavior that we were lucky to see from BunBun on occasion. A Binky is when a bunny jumps and kicks his feet out when he is happy or having fun. Usually BunBun would Binky the most when he was on a couch or bed, when he was running outside in our "garden" or when the room was really cool during the rain or when the air conditioning was on.

This video was taken when Bun was probably a year old in our old apartment. I had just lazily thrown clean laundry on the bed. There is some bottled water from 7-11 also cluttering the bed.

Bun sniffs and smells and runs and binkies...Happy Boy!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bunny Heaven...We love you BunBun

The saddest thing I've had to think about, the saddest thing I've had to talk about, the saddest thing I've had to try not to think about; Our bunny, my best little buddy, Pae's little prince, BunBun, got sick and found his way to Bunny Heaven the night of April 16th. It's been two weeks already but is still so very hard to say as I sit here in a house with the noticeable absence of the sound of hoppy footsteps and crunchy teeth. We love you Bun and we miss you terribly.

I don't know what to say other than that. I haven't yet really gotten a hold of my emotions on this, but am trying to work it out. Pae and I have each other and little Bubble, which has been extremely helpful as far as grieving, support, hugs, remembering. We have each other to lean on, to dry each other's tears. We shared a home, our love, our lives with our little BunBun. He was more than a pet, he was family, and will be forever.

BunBun came into our lives a sweet little bunny boy and gave hugs and cuddles and kisses every day. He had a personality of his own and individual relationships with each of us.

He was daddy's best little buddy when mommy was away working in Australia. He always kept me company and insisted on chatting with mommy on Facetime, Skype and Line whenever mommy was flying. He was there before my runs and after my runs. He was the last thing I would see before heading up to sleep at night and the first thing that I looked for when coming down the stairs to get ready for work.
Leaving the house, last thing I would always say "See ya soon, Bun"...coming home, first movement I would see after opening the door was of Bun, hopping to the door of his cage or jumping on top of his cage to say hello (and beg for a snack). BunBun was a constant, always there, always happy to have a strawberry or a small watermelon snack.

He always knew exactly where we were and knew how to get our attention, whether it be for a snack or just to have some petting. He would always hop up on the couch and snuggle in the space between our body and arm (armpit petting) and fall alseep. This was always one of his happiest places; close to mommy and daddy.

He'd been eating a lot more hay in recent months and seemed so healthy and his fur smelled of timothy hay. It was nice to pick him up at all hours of the day and just smell his neck and ears. He had the chubbiest little cheeks, floppy ears, jiggly bottom and sweetest eyes. He loved to be petted and when he was getting petting, he would crunch his teeth (purr) in total contentment and happiness. BunBun was a happy boy.

He was mommy's little prince and liked to hang out with mommy on the couch, loved when mommy gave him kisses and always took care of daddy when mommy was away.

We are both very sad as he was only about four years old and our first little boy.

Grieving is not fun, but it is necessary. Every little thing that I see or hear or even smell, reminds me of little Bun.

It felt, for many days, like there was a cavernous hole in my heart, filled with emptiness, sadness, guilt...but that "hole" has become a space that is filled with memories and love, missing and waiting to see my best little buddy again some day.

Some of these pictures are from Bun's most recent family trip down to Hua Hin about a month ago. He was so relaxed on the beach. He loved the sea breeze in his face and the sound of the waves.
When mommy or daddy would go play in the water or when Bubble would be chasing us around, Bun would hang out, looking so comfortable, so peaceful, so chilled out and happy to be on vacation.

See you little buddy, there are still some carrots in the fridge for you, help yourself. I know that where you are now is a peaceful, happy place. I know there is a small beach next to a big garden with lots of shade. You surely have carrots and strawberry plants that you tend to every day and a guava tree that is full of ripe, juicy fruit.
Tend to the watermelons too, flip the leaves and vines so they get plenty of sunshine. Mommy and daddy will  come visit you and we can walk on the beach or chill in the garden together...I'll help you cut open the watermelon and mommy will giggle at your juicy, pink watermelon lips before you lick off all of the juices!! Joop joop.
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