Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Power of Two...Finish Line Photos UTKC 2015

I was looking through some finish line photos of UTKC 2015 (66km finishers) and something stuck out to me. With the exception of some of the top ten racers, so many runners finished the race with another runner. It was a difficult race, but running with another person took some of the discomfort away, or at least gave you someone to bounce negative off of, someone who was suffering also, someone to feel to your left or your right and see out of the corner of your eye, someone to motivate you and someone to push you.

I had this experience again at UTKC running with Chris the last 30+ kilometers and with the Thai dude through the jungle. But what I didn't notice as much (in my haste to get back to Bangkok) was so many other pairs of runners cross the line together. It was a great experience to share. Hugs and handshakes all around!

Chris and I ran half of the race together and crossed the finish line together

Best friends or complete strangers, we're all runners

It's all over, finally

Club members, finishing together

A moment shared

Even some of the winners partnered up in the latter stages of the race

Celebrate, together!

Don't know you dude, but nice running with you! (more winners)

photo credit: Teelashot

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