Saturday, March 14, 2015

First 100K...When? Where? What race?

After doing the 66km trail on Koh Chang (UTKC), running TNF twice (50K) and running 86km at the 10hr ultra last year, I've been thinking more and more about attempting my first 100k.

The organizer of the UTKC hinted that next year would be 100km rather than that is an option. It's an interesting option because the 100km on Koh Chang would likely be a single 100km loop, positive. I've suffered greatly on this course already, kind of a negative mentally.

Eric and I teased and joked about next year's TNF100, going solo, but running it together. We are familiar with the course, positive. It's two laps of a 50km course, negative.

There are many races lately with longer distances like Thailand Ultra 100 and the Relentless 24 hour run up in Chiang Mai. Beautiful country, positive. The difficulty of travel upcountry Oct. to Nov., negative.

Hmmmm. Lots of Bangkok Runners were in Hong Kong this weekend for the Trans-Lantau 100k. From what I've heard and seen, absolutely beautiful race, positive. Again, time constraints and $ constraints with travel, negative.

I know the right race will come around and I will (and hopefully my partner in crime, Eric) get that first 100k under my belt...I really want to do it, it's just finding the right one and then training for it.

Then what? Eric's already dabbling in we do our first triathlon and eventually work our way up to the stupidness of an Ironman? Then what? Run across the U.S.A.? ;)

Well, I guess I'm not retired from running.

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