Thursday, January 1, 2015

Better late than never- Ayutthaya Marathon Trophies

As promised, here is the final batch of photos from the Ayutthaya Marathon. Some of them are good pictures, some of them aren't very clear. There are others floating around in somebody's camera, but I have no idea who those photographers were at the trophy ceremony ;)

Congrats again to Eric on his great showing in the 10K. Two years straight with a trophy in Ayutthaya, pretty awesome! We'll have to run this again in 2015 just to see how we do. I like the course and the atmosphere of this event and may start running it instead of the Bangkok Marathon. We shall see.

I guess I should have used some of this energy a little earlier, but when the finish line comes into view, it's time to empty the tank. Marathoning, pacing...a work in progress for me.  I had no idea at this point if I was in the top ten or not. I just knew that there were upwards of five runners ahead of me that I could see at most times during the race. It was nice to cross the finish line and be handed the fourth place ticket. Yay!

Trophy presentation- Third runner up trophy = Fourth place Age category. I'm glad that they handed out tickets this year for the top five runners in each category. It saved me from having to turn the car around as I headed back to Bangkok, unaware that I had last year.
Top 5 finishing 40-49 year olds claiming our trophies. Someone might look at the times for the top five runners and scoff at them as slow or whatever. True, they are not fast times, but they were the five fastest of all runners who showed up ;) I say if you toe the line and eventually (whatever time) finish the marathon, then props to you! If they give you a trophy, then bonus!

Eric receiving his trophy for his 42:00 ten km run. This is an awesome photo. Even better is the fact that Eric's family was there to see him run and to see him get his trophy.

Winners of the 30-39 age group 10K race- Ayutthaya 2014


mardenheyjude said...

Hi Guy;

Nice pictures and awesome trophies. In the top five is a very good place to be. You must have quite a collection of trophies, medals, race shirts, etc.

I am very proud of you and very happy that you enjoy running so much.

Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, we do enjoy running but we also realize that we are running these smaller, local races and although there is some great talent present, our times and even the winners' times pale in comparison to the elite. That said, I do think we can always reach elite levels of EFFORT. That's why running is cool, you're competing with yourself most times and knowing that you gave a great effort is often more important that a place or a trophy.

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