Thursday, December 18, 2014

Still figuring this running thing out!

On the back of very poor training, I ran the Ayutthaya Marathon this past weekend (my second Ayutthaya Marathon) and set a personal best pace for the distance...Not sure to say personal best time for a marathon though as most races here are a little short of the actual advertised distance. This year, according to some GPS readings from racers, the half marathon was long and the marathon and ten k race were a little short.
Got my BIB and am ready to run! After a poor training cycle, I was set myself a goal of running under 3:45:00 for the marathon. It is close enough to The North Face in January that it is a good training run (I told myself).
Who cares, I ran a damn marathon and I did better and felt better than ever before. That should count for something ;)
Picking up the race pack the day before the race. Pae drove with me and we got my BIB and shirt as early as possible so we still had time to hang out and for me to get some sleep at home before having to drive back to Ayutthaya for the race.
Race report, short one, coming eventually once some photos are posted on the usual websites.
9th place overall this year, 8th place overall last year. I like this race ;)

Time- 3:23:24
Overall- 9th place
Age 40-49 category- 4th place
We were in Ayutthaya, ancient city with hundreds of temples and Buddhist sites, we took advantage and went to visit the reclining Buddha. The race passed this Buddha also, was all lit up at 4:30 in the morning . Beautiful. Oh, the Buddha is pretty too ;)
I think I can run faster...I really think I can, if conditions are perfect and my body cooperates ;)
Big Buddha, big feet!!
Also, Eric set a personal best in the 10K...more on that later as well ;)

I'm not big about posing for photos, but since I started running, it's nice to have pictures of events and at events. Not only to help to remember what and where, but it also helps you to feel like "a part" of the event, of the community.


mardenheyjude said...

Great time. You really do love this running. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Love you, Auntie!

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