Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nice Ride

Posting these photos here because I wanted to have them all in one place, and because I thought they were cool as well.

As you know, Pae is now flying with Nok Air, a local carrier.

For most of us who fly to get from here to there, and not as our livelihood, a plane is a plane.

For pilots, engineers, cabin crew, etc., a plane is not just a plane. It's where they work and socialize. They do all of the things that you would do in your office or at school...minus the Facebook of course ;)

Pae often comes home and tells me about some maintenance problem on a plane that caused a delay or something that happened onboard that was funny, difficult passengers, compliments or complaints from passengers, etc....but when she refers to the aircraft, she'll refer to it by some code or name.

Each plane has a Registration Code. For all civil aircraft in Thailand, the first letters of the code are HS. I'm guessing that every aircraft registered here would have a tail number (nickname for the registration code) that begins with HS.
The Enola Gay
When Pae refers to her planes, she doesn't say the registration prefix "HS" but calls them by their 3-letter suffix. For example, one of Nok aircraft has a registration code of HS-DBD. Pae would refer to this as DBD or "delta".
Space Shuttle Columbia
But often, an airplane will also have a nickname...think, "Enola Gay", "Spirit of St. Louis", "Columbia", "Air Force One", etc. Nok Air planes are no exception and are sometimes named after a city or given a name based on it's paint job or personality ;)
Of course there is the famous Air Force One
Anyway, you can find out more about aircraft designation, registration, blah blah on wikipedia...this post is for photos of Paes planes and their nicknames.

Here are some of the Boeing 737s that she flies:

Nickname: Nok Petch Namngern

Nok Cartoon
Nok Baituey
Nok Flamingo
Nok Rak Yim
Nok Sod Sai
Nok Sanook
Nok Nan Fa
Nok Sook Jai
Nok Ra Rueng (Nok Cartoon in background)
Nok Sabai

Nok Yim Wan
Nok Bussarakam
Here are a couple of the smaller ATRs and Q400s that Pae flies:

Nok Anna
Kao Pun
Nok Rom Ruen **Love the eye lashes
Some planes are eventually sold or put into storage...Here is one of their stored aircraft that I liked:

Nok Surin
There are more aircraft and new ones coming and old ones going all the time. I especially like their unique paint jobs. I like walking up to them on the tarmac and patting them near their head before hopping on. They are pretty cool...I mean...who wouldn't like flying "in" a bird!!

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mardenheyjude said...

Hi Guy and Pae;

Awesome looking birds on planes. They really are cool happy bird planes.

Love always, Auntie

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