Friday, December 19, 2014

Introducing Bubble, Our New Dog

We got a puppy!
His name is Bubble but is slowly becoming "Bubble Gum" or "Bub". He is a little Maltese which means that he is full of energy, very addicted to mommy and daddy and requires a lot of maintenance as far as fur and such is concerned.

We waited until now to introduce him as he was very sick when we brought him home...Pae spent more than a week taking him back and forth to the hospital for shots, checkups, IVs, vaccinations and pretty much everything you could think of. It was a stressful and scary time as we have always wanted to add a dog or dogs to the family and after finally making the decision to do so, we didn't want him to be sick.
Bubble with his strawberry paw ;) Doc left an IV in his leg for over a week.
We were worried about Parvo, but Bubble ended up having Coronavirus...not sure what those are but I know they aren't good and can be very dangerous for little puppies. The vets took good care of Bub, Pae took very good care of him and I helped out any way I could. The poor little guy was so exhausted from needle after needle. I can still remember his yelps and I was only there once or twice for the needles. Poor Pae had to be there every time, like 6 times, listening to his screams and holding him down and trying to make him feel better.
He got a little lemon/banana paw too ;)
He is so full of energy now that he has recovered, poor BunBun isn't sure how to handle him. Bun is slowly getting used to Bub, but when the teeth come out for some playful biting, Bun nearly has a heart attack and Usain Bolts his way to hide in his cage, banging body parts on anything between him and his safe haven. I'm sure they will get used to each other sooner or later.
Hanging out at home
Bub loves to chew on Bun's hay and also sneaks Bun's droppings everytime we aren't looking...he gets scolded and sent to his cage for that...I think he thinks it's a game.  Well, I guess the rabbit poop IS full of fiber ;)
More on Bub as he grows. For now we can say that Bubble has learned the "sit" command and will sit in front of his food until we say "ummmmmmm!" then he can eat. He is a non-stop licking machine, I stepped in his poop twice this week as he has become worse at using his little potty and poopy pad, he gets to drive with daddy to pick mommy up at the airport sometimes and he is super jealous if Bun gets attention or petting or food ;)
They don't play with each other, per se, but we do often catch them napping side by side.
He also loves to nibble on Bun's neck and ears...Daddy's not too comfortable with it, but Bun either doesn't mind or, as an animal of prey, is sitting in total shock ;) Both of them are also gonna have to get used to some new nicknames...since their names are so close, sound the same, I've started to call them Rabbit and Dog...haha!
Very patient, waiting, waiting, ummmmmmm!!!


mardenheyjude said...

Hi Guy and Pae;

You have the cutest little puppy ever. He looks like a little ball of pure white snow. Sorry he was so sick when you first got him and thankful that he is now in good health.

Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

That little ball of pure white snow likes to get into the trash cans and eat whatever is inside!! We had to go buy new garbage bins last night to keep him out of the rubbish!

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