Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Uda Family photos from a few years back

Pae and Guy
A couple years ago, Pae and I visited the States for the first time together and the first time for me in over 7 years. We were able to spend time in Florida with Bill and Trudy and Mom Betsy and Katie's family. We spent time alone in New York and then we also went to Chicago where we were able to meet Dad Carl, Naomi's family and Rebecca's family, Sarah, Rachel and Liz (Wow, we almost met the whole Uda family minus Mom Cindy, and the two boys; Josh and Jacob).
R-L Rachel, Naomi, Rebecca, Liz, Pae, Sarah
The trip was Pae's first time meeting family. We were lucky to have Dad Carl attend our wedding in Ubon, so she had met Dad already.
The boys, R-L Guy, Kevin, Manti, Taber (missing Munro, Jacob, Tau, Tony and Dad)
While in Chicago, staying at Becca's home, we got some photos taken by a friend of the family. Original copies were distributed to the kids but when I put mine in my computer, nothing was there.
Girls will be girls...
I think I somehow deleted it or wiped the DVD...maybe it was formatted as a rewritable disc and I rewrote it by mistake, who knows...BUT...I did steal all of these sample photos from either Facebook or other places online.
But, boys will be boys...
Just thought I'd stick them up here for fun. Let's hope it's not another 7 years before we are able to get together again. I know that the Uda family is having a family reunion in July of 2015. We'll have to try to join via Skype or something!
...and then some **note: I didn't actually lick Manti, although it really looks like it! Taber may have taken a couple toes though ;)
It's okay to have a "favorite person in the world" right?
All of the Uda girls minus Mom, Erin and Scarlet
These are the only photos that I have although I know there are more. There are more of individual families and more of the group of us. I think Dad must have gone to the airport the morning of the pictures, that's why he isn't in them. Also Becca's and Naomi's kids aren't in the pix either. Stupid me for accidentally deleting that DVD!

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mardenheyjude said...

Being together with family is always a special occasion. We all live so far away from one another. Pictures remind us of how close we are. You have a beautiful family and you also have a lovely wife. You are a lucky duck. :) Thanks for sharing. Hi to Pae and Bun Bun. Love always, Auntie

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