Thursday, November 13, 2014

Engrish - November 5, 2014

I tend to have my days or weeks where I feel the need to blog this and that and then there are months where there will be nothing. I'm trying to stay motivated to post so decided to give this a try; starting a subject called "Engrish" which will have signage and such that is funny, misspelled, awkward or awful grammar or just your basic lost in translation type of stuff.

The term "Engrish" is in no way meant to be derogatory even though the term is based on the way many Asian languages have difficulty pronouncing the letters "l" and "r". Every language has its differences. For example, sometimes in Korea you will see "French Fries" spelled on a menu  (in Korean language) "Hurenchi huraisu" or "Purenchi puraisu" and that's just because we have different alphabets and different ways of speaking as far as meter and tone, etc.

Thais call Facebook "Fatebook" only because that's how the "s" sound comes out in the middle of a word sometimes. Thais have a horrible time with past tense because the "s" sound at the end of a word is almost never they just drop the pluralizing "s" and even drop the "ed" at the end of a past tense verb. Here, "V" sounds like "W" because they have no "V" sound...

The list goes on and I'm sure you could make a list in every language, and even something Americans or speakers of Western English forget (since we tend think we are the center of the universe and everyone should revolve around us) is that when we go abroad and try (if there is even any effort) to speak the local language, we are making just as many or more horrible mistakes, saying some of the funniest things and being misunderstood in general, not because we are stupid or ignorant, but because languages are different ;) Thai is a tonal language, similar to the tones in Chinese, and I'll probably never get the tones correct. My horrible attempt at saying words ends up with me getting blank stares and confused looks more often than not.

So here is the "Engrish" photo of the day, week, month (who knows)...From a menu at a seafood restaurant.
Obviously a case of the ending consonant being similar, "b" vs. "p"...similar sound here. At least, I hope it's not really fried crap! Although, the lime makes it seem a little more palatable.

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