Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bunbun's trip to the park

Bun had a chance about a month ago to get out of the house and run around at a nearby park. We used to take him to a bunny park by Pae's old school, but now that we've moved to our current house, we don't go there anymore...horrible traffic really.

He used to like going to the park, meeting other rabbits, getting his same-sex humping on and laying in holes in the ground and digging in the grass.

**About the humping other male bunnies...not sure he knows that they are male...all the rabbits there just hump anything that moves to tell you the truth. It's just one giant rabbit orgy, but in a good, natural, National Geographic/Animal Planet kinda way.**

So anyway, we took him to the park where we had seen people bring some prairie dogs to. There is a large group of people who bring their small (non-dog, non-cat) pets there every weekend in the evening. The previous time that we walked by, there were just a bunch of prairie dogs, in the buff tied to leashes. This time however, they were all dressed up in shorts, shirts, skirts and hats! There was one other rabbit that we saw that Bun eventually round, but the other rabbit started to jump over Bun in a very aggressive way. When they attack each other, they jump over and on the way over they kick their feet. The whole time Bun stayed just curious and innocent. He eventually got a hind paw in the eye and nose area so I pulled him away from the aggressive rabbit as to avoid him getting hurt.

The prairie dogs were cute and well behaved. There was only one that was holding a sign that said that he bites toes. And sure enough, every time someone got near it, feet were bitten. It actually hurts!

Bun wasn't exactly explorer boy at the new park. I think he was just happy to be outside although a little unsure of his surroundings, and happy to chill with Mommy and Daddy (and watch the sunset). The bats flying around eating insects didn't seem to bother him and tell you the truth, he seemed to take absolutely no interest in the 15-20 prairie dogs that were there.


mardenheyjude said...

Poor BunBun..... Just trying to chill in the park and some fresh rabbit kicks him in the face. On top of that these prairie dogs are running around dressed like they were going to march in the Easter Parade. I wonder what BunBun thought of all of it. (cute little prairie dogs, but scary long and sharp nails) Love always, Auntie

mardenheyjude said...

Hi Guy:
Happy Veterans Day. (11/11/2014) Thank you for your service. Love always, Auntie

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