Saturday, November 1, 2014

Add another big race to the calendar

I'm a little excited right now because I just signed up (registered and paid) for my February race! The race is another Ultra Trail Marathon. This time it is on the beautiful island of Koh Chang here in Thailand! It's a place that Pae and I have been several times and we really like it there; great beaches, so green.
The race is called Ultra & Trail Unseen Koh Chang. It is 66 kilometers of mountain, jungle, beach, waterfalls and mangrove forest! It's not going to be easy and I'm probably gonna have to call sick one or both days of final exams at my school. We'll figure that out when the time comes though :)
This may cause me to need to reconsider some of my races leading up to this one. Scheduled I have the Ayutthaya Marathon in December, Columbia Trail 25k down in Pattaya mid-January and The North Face, 50K variety, on January 31st. Can I recover from the punishing TNF course in four weeks or should I change it to the 25K for TNF? All things I'll figure out hopefully soon so I can register for those as well.
I only registered for this one so fast as the 66km race has a limit of 200 runners. Most people would probably wait for more information on the race; route, elevation gain, accommodation, etc., but as soon as I start waiting for that stuff, I'll procrastinate and end up missing out on registration and the experience. This looks to be another beauty in the trail running calendar here. It also has a 35km and a 10km race, both with only a limited amount of slots for participants. Great thing is that the 66km is a single loop!

I hope I can somehow prepare for sand, water, mud and hills while training in the concrete jungle that is Bangkok ;) I have a feeling that I'll be winging it. I can put in the distance (long runs) here in Bangkok, but really can't prepare for trail.

This will certainly end up being the most difficult race/run I've ever participated in. I got a taste for running in sand earlier this year (as well as in the Marines) and can't say that it's easy or fun. I know my legs aren't made for the big elevation gains (as proven at TNF and Khao Yai Trail) and if you look at the map, Koh Chang is basically a big rock sticking out of the water and quite mountainous. Not tall mountains or hills, but just so many! Mud, river crossings...and all in under 13 hours (time limit). I'll trade the discomfort though, for the beauty of the run.


mardenheyjude said...

Sounds like you are going to have a lot on your plate. Koh Chang sounds beautiful. You will get a taste of everything. Awesome comes to mind when you describe Koh Chang. It pains me when you write about the hours and the kilometers in these races. I could not run a block without huffing and puffing. hahaha Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie Judy, huffing and puffing...that was me several years ago when Pae and I started trying to get into some exercise routine and then when Eric challenged me to that first marathon. I've learned a lot about nutrition (not that I'm always good about it), hydration, my limits and most of all learned to enjoy running since. I hope everything works out between now and Koh Chang as far as training and staying injury free. I know the sand will cause me to have cramps in my calves, much like the clay mud of Khao Yai. The hills will test my legs something fierce, both going up and coming down. The water will increase the likelihood of early blisters. The jungle humidity is just gonna be "killah". Blah, blah, haha. I guess that's where the challenge is; negotiating such a course as well as your body can. For me, I really want to enjoy it (and finish of course), see a new side of Koh Chang, get another big race under my belt and then start preparing for the 10hr Ultra Marathon in the months that follow ;) Gotta stay motivated! Thank you for your encouragement and support and thank you for the love that you always send to us! Love you, Guy and Pae

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