Saturday, October 18, 2014

Running update from Bangkok

Our blog has been offline for a while due to who knows what (security breach) but we're back and the blog is here still and intact! Hurray!

Running is what I've been doing for the past few years, but lately I've been doing much less. Pae is back in town and no longer away for weeks at a time with her work. I always told my running partner, Eric, that when my wife came home I'd run less and it's finally happened! I don't mind running less, running the past few years helped me to have something productive to do when alone at home. It had the side effect of keeping me healthy and I actually, for the first time in my life, enjoyed running. I don't know if you call it a hobby, a good habit or a passion...hmmmm? Point is, I'm not home alone anymore so I don't need to be out there five to six days a week training ;)

After a year of injury and some pretty big runs and races, I can honestly say that it's been a difficult, challenging, but still fun year.

The ankle injury at my first trail race in January, The Columbia Trail Masters 25k, was my first taste of running trails. Getting off of the pavement and into nature, in the dirt, shade, weeds, but at the same time doing what I enjoy doing (running) really excited me. So excited in fact that I was blowing by people on the flat, single trail portions of the course but forgot to be safe on the way down after climbs. Result- an ankle injury that hasn't fully healed and will likely plague me for the rest of my running life. I have to admit though that it's probably not 100% because of the initial severity of the injury, although it was very violent, the way my full weight went straight down onto the rolled ankle at full speed down what must have been a 45 degree angle descent at 8km. The lasting damage was likely done when I didn't let it heal properly, when I insisted on getting back into training for The North Face...

Limping through The North Face 100 Duo (Trail 50km x2) with Eric dragging me the final 14-15km was a hard headed, bone headed thing to do, but I was able to manage the pain in the ankle up to a point. I wasn't sure where that point would be, but the 50km course of big climbs and an equal number of descents, uneven running surface and just the pounding of the joints during a long distance run helped me to find where that limit was, unfortunately sooner in the race than later. Not smart and I hope I've learned from it...well, I didn't learn from it at the time as I would go on to race the Ten Hour Ultra Marathon only a couple months later ;) What I mean is that, looking back and knowing what I know now about the stability of my ankle and the niggling pain in the joint, I hope that I'll not make the same mistake in the future.

As things stand, I've cut down my runs per week, my mileage and lengthened the amount of time that I recover from difficult workouts and races. I'd like to say that it's (longer recovery) because I'm trying to protect the ankle, but in reality it's part of getting older ;)...Runner's World doesn't lie.

Eric and I had a good few years of running races together, but like me and the changes to my routine, he has also made changes. He still loves his running but is cutting down on the longer distances. We see a lot less of each other these days as our training is a lot different (long distance training vs. speed training). Without Eric and his challenge to me to run a marathon, without his friendship, motivation, support and crazy mid-run chats, venting and lunacy (a shared lunacy that tends to kick in after 18km), I would certainly not have come to love my sport, running. I certainly wouldn't have pushed myself to achieve certain goals and I certainly would have one less person who I consider a good friend in this world! My Auntie Judy once commented that I "have a good friend in Eric" and she couldn't be more correct.

I'm pretty sure that we'll both continue running, even running together. And when it happens, you're sure to be the first to hear about it, right here, albeit probably a week or two after it happens ;) A couple days and I'll post about my last race, The Khao Yai Trail Marathon...Until then...


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mardenheyjude said...

Sounds like you have had an exciting year of running. Trail running is a bit different than Marathon running. You have to be proud of yourself for your running accomplishments. Oh, BTW, in Auntie's world we do not get older.....we get wiser ;)
It is nice to hear that Pae is able to spend more time at home and not be away for weeks at a time with her work. Enjoy your time with each other. Love always, Auntie

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