Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Foto - October 31, 2014

Haven't done a Friday Foto in a while and here is a totally random one.

Back in 2005 (?) I was working for Deloitte and commuting from Boston to New York for projects, I was in the Westin Hotel at Times Square, checking in and up the escalator came several Boston Red Sox. They had a couple game series with the hated New York Yankees that week and were staying at my hotel. I saw Jason Varitek checking in the lobby and thought it would be rude to bother him so headed towards the escalator where Johnny Damon was just getting to the top! Popped out the old flip phone camera, took a picture, wished him and my Sox good luck and rushed to work ;)  Johnny was very easy going and cool about me bothering him for the snapshot. He was actually quite friendly.

Yuck the Fankees (Yeah, even though Johnny would eventually switch to the evil pinstripes) It was always hard to see Wade Boggs similarly attired...

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mardenheyjude said...

Nice to see a Friday Foto. It has been a while. Awesome picture of you and Damon. When he first signed with my Red Sox we went to an autograph session and got his autograph. He was very pleasant and friendly. I only know three family members who refer to the Red Sox as "My Red Sox" or My Sox" and they are you, myself and John Barnes. Damon was a very popular player in Boston. We called him Jesus Christ (the hair and beard) in a Red Sox Uniform. When he defected to the Yankees all the Boston fans turned on him, and let him know just how they felt when he came to Fenway. I think he received the longest boos ever. It really bothered him too. I believe it still does to this day. We boo any former Red Sox player who defects to the NY Yankees. Boggs defection was tough as well, but Damon had a much better relationship with all the Boston fans and he broke our hearts when he signed with the Yankees.

Did you know that Johnny Damon played baseball for the Thailand National Baseball team in the World Baseball Classic 2013? I understand that his mother is from Thailand. Hi to Pae Love always, Auntie

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