Friday, October 31, 2014

Begging for Treats

Bun Bun got a surprise from one of Mommy's flight attendant friends. Her friend brought some carrots and strawberries to Bun from Australia. Bun was really happy, even though he knows that we use food (snacks) to lure him into his cage when we need to leave the house.
Usually he is lured with a slice of apple or guava. Actually, his favorite two lure snacks are a cereal called WeetBix and saltine crackers with rosemary. We try (really?) to limit how much he gets, with me, Daddy, being the worst at just giving him a snack just to give it to him :)
These are pictures of Bun, after closing of the cage, doing his best to get some of his strawberry gift. His lips turned strawberry red and he would lick around them (he has two top lips and one bottom lip) to lick off the juice. Mommy just snapped the photo at the perfect time to capture his cute little tongue ;)

1 comment:

mardenheyjude said...

Pae and Guy

You have the most adorable bunny. Love the pictures.

Love always, Auntie

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