Thursday, March 20, 2014

The BunBun Guide to Rabbit Positions

I haven't posted pictures of BunBun lately. I'm sure I take pictures on a daily basis as Mommy is usually out of town and with technology the way it is these days, a quick snapshot of Bun or Daddy takes only a split second to go from my device (phone) to her device thousands of miles away. It helps when we are apart for long periods of time and when Pae starts missing home while working ;)

So yeah, if you looked on my computer in a folder called "Bungy" you'd find literally thousands of photos of him. There's only so much a bunny can do, and they have basically only a handful of body positions that they can be commonly found in. Here are some of Bungy's positions:

1) Crocodile position
Whenever Bun is just hanging out and wants to know what's going on all around him, he'll find a good vantage point where he can see everybody in the room.
He usually will assume the crocodile position somewhere near an electrical cord or just in the middle of the floor, usually with something to lean against or on top of.
This is a sign of comfort in rabbits and they are prey animals and only relax like this when they feel comfortable with their surroundings.

2) Chicken Pot Pie position
This position has several names, Chicken Pot Pie and Meatloaf being the two most common in our home. Bun will sit in this position when he comes to hang out close to Mommy or Daddy. Sometimes he huddles up in his Meatloaf position in a corner where it is dark and he can just relax and start falling asleep, like a midday nap.
I think he is quite comfortable when he is in this position. This is also the position in which he looks the chubbiest. Sometimes Pae jiggles his top half and his bottom half starts to jiggle like a bowl of jello...the momentum of the jelly belly has a life of its own and just keeps on jiggling!
Bun will also assume this position when he wants to be petted. He'll actually walk up to your hand, stick his nose under your hand and force it over his head, then he'll "chicken" in position and make you pet him. Similar to when a cat rubs itself on your leg.

3) Flop position aka "Floppo"
When Bun is super comfortable and ready for some serious nap action, he "flops". A flop for a rabbit is when they throw their body onto their side to sleep. Their joints aren't made to where they are able to just lie down on their sides like a dog or a cat. They actually have to throw themselves into the horizontal-side position.

It's funny to watch Bun prepare himself for a flop. He'll smell the area, measure it out to see if his head will be comfortable and that his longy body will fit, he'll sometimes scratch at the floor where he will flop and then ha does a few "practice swings" like a golfer and then he almost violently throws his body into the air and falls into the perfect napping position. Sometimes his ear will flop over and cover one of his eyes...sometimes it flops above his head and he looks like a unicorn bunny ;)
Bun will generally flop in a small, confined area, with cover or shelter. Lately I've caught him flopping right at my feet. They say that rabbits are more likely to flop when they are totally comfortable with their surroundings. Bun is a Floppo Master.

4) Tahan (Thai word for soldier)
When Bun wants to be out of everybody's way, but still wants to be able to have an eye on us, he goes special ops. We call this his "Tahan" position. Tahan is the Thai noun  for "soldier".
Couldn't find Bun once...he was cruisin' flatty style under the sofa
So, Bun low crawls and hides himself under a couch or chair or any other low clearance piece of furniture and all you can sometimes see is whiskers or an ear.
The main thing that reminds us of a soldier is that he has to low crawl himself under the furniture! Sometimes he'll start at one end of the couch and low crawl on his belly all the way to the far end to get a perfect vantage point of the whole room.
The other day I caught him trying to Tahan (we made a verb out of "Tahan", haha) but he had forgotten to hide his bottom area! Hahaha!!
And sometimes he's in the reverse-Tahan position!

5) Armpit Petting and Head Petting positions
Bun has a habit of sleeping or getting comfortable in the crack of your arm in the early morning or late evening. He'll jump up wherever you are laying or sitting (or slouching in my case) and Tahan his way into the crack of your arm.
At this point, he expects you to squeeze your arm against your body to make him squished tightly and comfortably in what Pae and I call the "Armpit position". He easily falls asleep and starts dreaming and twitching in this position. He crunches his teeth, similar to a cat's purr, when he is being "armpitted".
This is about as close to holding BunBun as you can get. He doesn't like to be picked up or held.

6) Feed Me/Pay Attention to Me position
Yes, the container contains BunBun's food. Usually, when he wants some attention, this is his way to beg. Beg for attention, beg for food, beg for ice in his cage.
Sometimes he'll sit there for several minutes, patiently waiting for someone to notice him. When you approach him, he'll stick his neck out as if smelling to see if you have food for him. Then he'll jump down into his cage and step in his food bowl, waiting for something crunchy.
Sometimes he will fall asleep up there, must be a comfortable position ;)

7) Ices position
Yes, I realize that ice is a non-countable noun (when referring to it as water in the frozen form) and doesn't have a plural...but Bun calls his frozen bottles of water "ices". Rabbits can get hot and Bangkok is a very hot place. To combat the heat, we leave a bottle of ice in Bun's cage once or twice a day, especially when we're not home. Bun loves sitting on his ices.
You can't see Bun's ices in this picture, but rest assured, it's there under his chubbiness
He will often zone out or go into a trance of pleasure and comfort when perched upon or straddling his ices ;) He's pretty funny because sometimes even when his ice has been melted for a day, he'll still run to the bottle of warm water and sit on it and act comfortable.

So if you ever come visit, you're likely to find BunBun in one of these positions. Whether it be chickening at your feet or chilling on his ices, he'll be there, chubby cheeks and wiggly noses making you smile :)

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mardenheyjude said...

BunBun is so cute. Pretty smart too. The pictures are really adorable. He looks like he is the "King of the Castle". :) Thanks for sharing. Love always, Auntie

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