Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ankle Report

Well, my third visit to the doctor concerning my bum ankle offered me some hope by way of what was said, but I really don't feel any better. My third time was to an ankle specialist. He played with my ankle and foot a little bit, looked at a "pre-TNF" x-ray and decided that I had a total tear of one ligament and a partial tear of another ligament on the lateral side of the ankle joint.
He determined this mainly from noticing that my ankle joint is too loose (by doing the "drawer test"), can be pulled back and forth which shouldn't be able to happen when the ligaments are healthy. He said that I could start running again as long as I avoided uneven surfaces and inclines/declines. He gave me a bunch of physical therapy exercises to do for strengthening of the ankle joint, leg muscles and to stimulate the healing of the messed up stuff down there.

I've been messing around a little already with some of the balancing exercises, but now I'll be doing them twice daily. I tried to swim at the beach last week, not good. Plantar flexion of the ankle causes great pain. I'm supposed to go see him again in three weeks, but the Thai holidays are spread out for the next few months, so I'll end up going to see him again in May. Any bad ankle action between now and then means I'll see him or some other doctor before May.

I want to believe the guy. I want to run.

I don't really want to go get a second opinion (third opinion really) at another hospital.

Three days I've had permission to run...but I am afraid to lace'em up and do more damage to the ankle.

We have several runs that we are looking forward to, this year and next. I want to be healthy for 2015's The North Face 100 which Eric and I are leaning towards running the 100km solo distance, our farthest distance ever.

I'm also afraid to get too excited about the other four runs that I want to do this year as I feel that I may miss one or all of them if the ankle doesn't get better. I mean, I can run a marathon right now if you told me to, but at what cost?

In May the longest but perhaps the easiest race that I want to get excited about is the Suanpruek 10 hour Ultra Marathon. I say it's the easiest one because it's just 10 hours of walking and running. You can even stop for lunch. It's a competition to see who can go the farthest in 10 hours. 100km would be my healthy goal for that race. 80ish km might be more reasonable considering the ankle and considering it is in six or seven weeks. I haven't run in over a month. I think this run would be a good one to see how the body reacts to the distance, how it reacts to taking in nutrition during the race, how it reacts to the heat of the mid-summer sun (6am to 4pm will be sizzling in May), obviously how the ankle holds up and just to see how it feels to run up near the 50 mile mark (what is that, 81km?). It will basically give a good feel for what TNF will feel like, minus the trails.

In June, there is the Sukhothai Marathon. This is the second time this one has been run and it is a sister marathon to the Ayutthaya Marathon...same organizer, Unique Running. I figure, coming off of a 10 hour effort in May, this run will be difficult and probably one that I would go 90-100% as far as effort goes. I mean, heck, these Unique Running Marathons don't have prize money, so the REALLY fast guys aren't there and it's a great chance for a top 10 finish ;) I jest!

In July, I want to run the Pattaya Marathon again, even though I swore to never even step foot in that city ever again after the first time I suffered through that course. This year, if Eric and I run Pattaya, it will be in full trail gear and running at probably a much easier pace than we would run a marathon normally. We will run the whole thing together as practice, again, for TNF 100 in 2015. This race would likely mark only the second time that we would have run a full race together, the first being our first marathon ever in Bangkok.

August, September and October will likely have some marathons, but nothing really looks too appealing locally. If they run the Bangkok Ultra Trail 50K again, I'll certainly consider it though.

November will be our annual running of the Bangkok Marathon and December we both need to go and defend our age category 5th place trophies at the Ayutthaya Marathon, hahahahaha!!!

Okay, I'm getting excited, which I was trying not to do. I could be setting my self up for disappointment, but that's okay. I'd rather be excited about these races (running is my hobby and it brings me joy) and end up disappointed than wallowing in gloom and self pity for the next nine months. Sometimes it truly isn't the destination, but the journey...

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mardenheyjude said...

Just stick with the physical therapy exercises and I am sure your ankle will heal. Strengthening the muscles is very important in the healing process. Strong leg muscles will lend support to the ankle and ease the pain while healing. I hope you heal fast so you can get back to the running you love so much. Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

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