Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beach Bunny

Not too long ago, Pae and I decided that we wanted to get out of the city for a weekend. It's been hard to do that because of scheduling and because of BunBun. I don't like leaving alone at home for long because of water, food, and who wants to be locked up in a cage for 48 hours?  So I just stay close to home usually.
We decided to go to Jomtien Beach a couple hours south of Bangkok. I was looking online at hotels and found one named Rabbit Resort, the owners names Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit ;)
Of course I had to call them, and they allowed small pets in the rooms for a 500 baht fee (about $15) per night. We loaded BunBun up in the car, in his cage, and headed south.
Jomtien Beach is part of Pattaya, a place I'd been to once with Pae when I was just a tourist here. I avoid Pattaya because of its reputation as well as the fact that I prefer the water and beaches on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand rather than the eastern side (Hua Hin, Cha-am, etc.).
We made the three(ish) hour drive to Pattaya, Me driving and Pae navigating. Bun was strapped in his cage into the back seat, haha. He had a little trouble with all of the motion, things passing, car stopping and going, so we put a blanket over his cage and he seemed less panicked or scared.
We got to the area where our hotel was and it gave me flashbacks of the painful part of the Pattaya Marathon in 2012. Jomtien Beach is the stretch of the run that was on the beach road, with the sea breeze blowing hard and where both of my hamstrings went "pop" with about ten kilometers left to run! Haha! So, seeing the road again and the beach brought back some memories.
But this trip was about making new memories, and that we did! We had wondered how we would bring Bun out to the beach, because we were afraid that he would run away, run into a pack of dogs, get scooped up by a giant, hungry seabird, or just basically panic with the new surroundings and spaz out and run off.
We stopped at a pet store as we were driving around and we bought a small dog leash and harness for him. It wasn't too difficult to get it around his chubby little body, but it was a challenge, at first, to get him not to try to sprint off while I was holding the leash.
Now, I have laughed at dudes in Central Park in New York for walking their cats on leashes, so I was eating some humble pie at this point. Me, Pae...on the beach...with our rabbit...on a leash, hahaha!! Bun was cute though. At first, he didn't like it at all, being on the beach, until I dug a little pit into the sand and he was able to feel more hidden and more secure.
So instead of building a sand castle on the beach, I spend a lot of time building a network of connecting "moats" minus the castles. Bun felt very comfortable and even had a little friend, naked friend, come visit him, pull his ears, pull his tail and pull his fur for about twenty minutes. If I did that to Bun, he would run away and hide. This kid was just whacking away and Bun just chilled there and took it like a good babysitter! Cute.
The Rabbit Resort was very nice too. Our room was on top floor of a two story set of rooms. The room was big and had a big day bed that Bun spent time on, as well as under the bed. The pool was very nice, mainly because there were two pools at the resort; one for kids and one for adults ;)
We enjoyed our little day away at the beach with BunBun :) We hope to do it again in January of 2014 when we go down for a 25km trail race just outside of Pattaya. I'm sure Bun will enjoy a Saturday at the beach ;)

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mardenheyjude said...

It is pretty neat that you found a hotel that lets pets in the rooms and really neat that the name of the place was Rabbit Resort. Nice joke about Mr. and Mrs Rabbit owning the resort. hahahaha. The beach looks awesome and must have been an enjoyable trip for you all. Nice pictures of all three of you. Love alway, Auntie

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