Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Things of Late

Here are a couple random things that I thought I'd throw up here.

On the way back from Chaing Kan, we passed a garden place near Bangkok. Yes we got sheep and yes they are happy in our garden! Never stop smiling those sheep!
Since I started running long distance, I can't keep the weight on. All of my pants and shorts and even skivies and boxers are falling off of me. My shirts drape over my shoulders and lately, my wedding ring has been falling off of my ring finger during runs and while I sleep. I had to wear it on my middle finger last night as I slept.
N'Geng moved in with Pae and me. He is one of the cousins and is going to school here in Bangkok for the next few years. He was living in a dangerous area, without a bed of his own and a long ways from his school, a commute that would require a walk, a motorcycle, a water taxi and subway and another motorcycle twice a day. Living here with us, we lose a little privacy, but we know that he is safer here, he has his own room, and his commute is now a bit less since we live pretty close to the subway. Life's all about family. One rule though, he must learn how to make the famous sausage and potatoes!! Hahaha!
Our orchid came back to life. Well, it never died, but it hadn't bloomed since we bought it. It's been with us almost a year maybe, but has not given flowers in like 10 months. They're tricky because they only like a certain amount of sunlight. Now it has four little sprigs from which orchids are currently blooming, and some cute ferns are growing out of the holes in the planter as well ;)
Our car got it's first flat tire. I'll have to take it tonight with N'Geng to get it fixed. I'll take Geng to make sure I don't get cheated on the cost of repairing the tire. Sad to have to do, but it's the smart thing to do. A white face here, in the eyes of a not so nice person, is a face that can be taken advantage of. We'll get the "Thai price" with Geng there.
And finally, I've posted this pic before, but with Pae home, the whole week or two has been a giant highlight, but having her waiting at the finish of my marathon was the icing on the cake <3 She had to get up (didn't sleep actually) to meet Eric's wife by 4:30am to get to the finish line around when we'd be showing up 5:30-5:45am (Crazy to finish the marathon before 6 in the morning!)

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mardenheyjude said...

I love the sheep teeth. It reminds me of a commercial on t.v. about cleaning dogs teeth before they need doggie dentures. The picture of the dog with dentures looks just like the sheep dentures. hahaha

It sure is a trait that long distance runners are skinny minnies. We have a lot of them here in Boston. Skinny as a rail they are.

It is good that you have N'Geng with you. He needs to feel safe.

Your orchid is beautiful and your car is super nice. Love always, Auntie

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