Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chiang Kan- Flowers and Such

Here's another post related to our trip to Chiang Kan. While Pae and I walked around the boardwalk area and Walking Street, we took some photos of the trees and flowers. It was right after the rain, so it was really fresh and pretty.

Included are photos of mostly flowers that we saw. The boardwalk area is kind of a little cruddy and worn down looking, but even a beautiful flower can grow among the litter and dilapidated concrete structures that are nothing more than eye sores that nobody wants to take care of.

To be fair, there was a sign near a riverfront park that appeared to show a construction project that would clean up and widen the boardwalk. That would be great, Boardwalk during the day and Walking Street at night. They run parallel to each other, only separated by a row of businesses and hotels.

The camera on my iPhone is pretty useless these days so I kept borrowing Pae's phone to take pictures ;)

We looked at a lot of the homes or buildings that had trees and flowers and vines growing up the walls or hanging from the terraces. We are kind of getting an idea of how we want our eventual house to look, not the house necessarily, but more the garden outside and a veranda-type area at the front or sides, of course, well decorated with plants.

We even caught some of the local wildlife out perched up on a car, hunting its morning meal ;) Fun walk with my Pae.

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mardenheyjude said...

I love it when you post photos of flowers, and trees and plants. You capture every detail. I can just imagine how beautiful your eventual house and garden will look. Love always, Auntie

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