Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Bangkok Runners

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the creation of the running group I most associate myself; Bangkok Runners. They are very active both physically and socially. I meet up with them twice or three times a month for runs but don't. Sunday was a 10K run at Lumpini Park here in Bangkok, a get together that was followed by a breakfast at a local hotel.

The run was just that, a run, not a race, even though there were gift mugs for the first three finishers by gender just for those rabbits who can't go slow ;)

I invited Eric to run with me and to even meet some of the Bangkok Runners that he may hear me talking about sometimes, and for some of them to be able to place a face with the guy I always refer to as "Eric, my training partner" and "My friend Eric". We agreed that we would run together since we were just out there for a little run, not serious. It was a rough run since I haven't run too much in the past two months, pretty much since the Japan Fun Runners Marathon and because we had to wake up before 5:00 AM to get to the park. I think Eric has similarly been out of training...It's our summer break and there are no future runs that we are really getting ready for!! Which is fine by was a rough year last year with training...physically and mentally really.

We finished in a little over 52 minutes, about where we expected. A Japanese guy finished in like 36 minutes with a small trio of speedsters following him in the 40's. There are some fast people out there!

We had a special guest who is friends of K-san, one of the run organizers. Now honorary member of Bangkok Runners ;) I cut and past this from my Facebook page to post here as well:

Meeting new people with a common interest (running) is one reason I enjoy attending Bangkok Runners events. Today I met Greg Wilson who was introduced to us as the 2012 US Champion for 10K in his age group (60-64). As we were talking, we found out that we are both former Marines who live(d) and served in Hawaii! Another Brother (Bruddah).

Greg did his Achilles in the first kilometer of the run but hung out and chatted with many of us at the finish line and at breakfast. Eric and I saw him talking in the men's room when we were picking up our bag and later Eric expressed that it would be cool to be able to just sit and chat with him. A little later, I did just that. Eventually it came out that we had a lot in common, as previously stated, and I thought that was pretty cool!!

It was a good day. It was a nice run. It was nice to see and talk to so many Bangkok Runners, old and new faces all. It was good to continue running with Eric, my friend and training partner. It was good to meet a Champion, Marine and Brother. It was great to pile ham on my plate from the buffet and skip the omelets because there wasn't enough room (because of the ham!). It's good to go into the second year of Bangkok Runners' existence knowing that we are alive, thriving and growing as a running group, a social group and a community!

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mardenheyjude said...

It is nice to have a group of people to run with. Extra nice to meet a former Marine who served and lived in Hawaii. Happy Anniversary to the Bangkok Runners.

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