Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 New York Vacation - Touristy Places

Here are some pictures from the hundreds we took of places where we checked out while we were in the city. Many of these places are must sees for anyone going to New York City. A few of the things that we didn't do were Grand Central Station, Ellis Island, The Intrepid Museum and other places that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. We tried to go see the 9/11 Memorial, but after standing in line for free tickets, we ran out of time (chose to take a ferry to Staten Island instead for a closer look at the Statue of Liberty). Here are some of the places we visited:

Times Square is probably the most visited tourist attraction in the whole world! It's funny too, it's not like there's much to do there, but there are the lights, people to watch, lots of hotels, lots of food and just a giant intersection with people milling around taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere of being right around the theater district and all of the sounds of life in the big city. The New Years dropping of the ball doesn't hurt either ;)
Well, when I said there's not much to do in Times Square, I guess I was talking out of my butt! As you can see in the picture above, there's plenty of action there! I really enjoyed taking this photo of Pae and the Naked Cowboy in Times Square! It was one of the first nights that we were in NYC and I had seen this guy or one of them (I think there are several Naked Cowboys) in the past. I convinced her to go give the guy a one dollar bill...and he just orchestrated things from there, hahaha!! Classic photo of Pae!

I had seen the Flatiron Building in photos of NYC and I'm sure I've walked past it when I was in NYC, but the opposite direction and never actually stood and looked at it. It fits perfectly in a little intersection of two streets that run into each other at a very acute angle. I believe it's at the intersection of Broadway and 5th.
We actually had a great view of the Empire State Building from our hotel room. This is a photo taken from street level somewhere near the big Macy's and Korean Way. Eventually, we would make our way to the top of the Empire State Building for a day and night view of the city. Beautiful and they predictably were selling King Kong plush dolls in the gift shop there ;)
Lady Liberty

We didn't get to go to Liberty Island and got no closeup photos of her because it is shut down until repairs and upgrades are completed from Hurricane Sandy. Even from a distance, she is beautiful and symbolic.

One World Trade Center building continues to rise from the literal ashes of the twin towers. This is a beautiful building architecturally. The mirrored glass reflects the sky beautifully. The size and angles give a feeling of strength.

One of the most popular photo ops in NYC; Radio City Music Hall
Rockefeller Center is actually many buildings, but this is one of the main ones and looks beautiful. I remember when I used to work in NYC with Deloitte, I would come over here just to eat my lunch...for atmosphere.
The Prometheus statue (sculpture) in the lower plaza of the Rockefeller Center. There is usually an ice skating rink here but this visit there was an outdoors cafe.
The Washington Square Arch in Washington Square honoring our first president; George Washington.

I can't really say what this building down near the Financial District is. I think it's a government building on Chambers Street right behind City Hall. It looked cool so we snapped a few pix.

And what's a trip to a city without taking advantage of their mass transit system? We bought a week pass to get around the city on the subway. It was pretty easy and I only got confused once...or twice...Pae had more experience on the subway than me and had to point me in the right direction a couple times ;)

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mardenheyjude said...

Guy and Pae:
You got to see a lot of places while in NY and the pictures and stories are just awesome. Thanks you for sharing.
Love always, Auntie

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