Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 New York Vacation - Brooklyn

There's a recurring theme in many of these vacation posts...nature, flowers, etc. I mean, we were in NYC in early spring and the Manhattan streets were starting to turn green and the fruit trees and decorative flowering trees were all in bloom. We probably dont' have to tell you that we really like this ;)

Things like Coney Island and other places closer to the water were closed down because of damage and repair from Hurricane Sandy last year. So when thinking about Brooklyn, the first and only places we really wanted to visit there was the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

The cherry trees and magnolias at the garden were beautiful. Maybe only half of the setup of of trees were in full bloom, but for us it was perfect as the trees around the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden were just exploding with blossoms!

The Cherry Esplanade, four rows of cherry trees, went into full bloom a week after we left and as of May 10th was still in full bloom!

The BBG website was amazing, with daily updates of every tree and where the individual tree was as far as its spring blooming. When we were walking around, we actually saw four botanists with a clipboard walking around together, looking at each tree, talking about the tree and the change of the buds and blossoms for that individual tree from the previous day's inspection, and recording the data.

I'm sure an intern or someone would eventually get that data and put it into the website, which Pae and I monitored religiously, everyday for weeks leading up to our visit!!

After walking through the garden and taking in the plants and flowers, we walked and had some lunch at a little restaurant in the area.

We then made our way to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade which was located on the west side of Brooklyn and had a great view of the bottom half skyline (Financial District) of Manhattan.

The weather was still a little chilly, but after walking around for so long, we were in and out of our coats and hoodies. We had a terrible time finding a bathroom in the area, but slipped into a public laundry and made things right. We did a little people watching on the Promenade, took some pictures of the Statue of Liberty which could be seen off in the distance and then decided, after much thought, to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan!
The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic structure and beautiful to see up close. It was quite a long walk just to find the base of the bridge. Seemed like we had to walk all the way back to BBG! But eventually with a lot of legwork and actual sweat, we found ourselves dodging bicyclists as we walked the length of the bridge constantly checking out the view of the bridge, downtown and midtown from that vantage point.

When we got to the Wall Street area on the other side of the bridge, we had a waffle, found another bathroom (thank you Starbucks!!) and continued on our way. I'm glad we spent half a day in Brooklyn.

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