Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ultra Marathoner

K-san, a member of Bangkok Runners and the organizer of our fun 55.5 kilometer Ultra Marathon, sent me a certificate welcoming me into the "Ultra Marathoner Club"! He did a great job organizing the event and always motivates me with his words and his example. The guy is nearing 90 lifetime marathons and ultra marathons!!! My five pale in comparison, but as far as I'm concerned ONE is pretty awesome ;)

One day I'll do a 50 miler. Some day, perhaps when I've totally lost my mind, I'll try a 100 kilometer race. No comment on the 100 miler ;) For now, I've reached the 50+ kilometer distance, which is the baby step up from a full marathon and is considered an ultra. I love the line on the certificate, "You are ULTRA MARATHONER!!!" Has a nice ring to it!! And I'm totally happy with a time of a little over 6 hours, the last hour of which was just way too painful.

Right now I'm dealing with a little IT Band discomfort, me and my chicken legs. But I'll get back out there, slowly, and keep running!!


mardenheyjude said...

Guy: What a nice certificate. Now you can say you are an Ultra Marathoner and you have the certificate to prove it:)
Rest will get rid of the IT Band discomfort in no time at all.
Keep me posted with updates on your 2013 runs and races. I see another photo book in the working here. The 2012 books came out beautiful. Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Hi Auntie, Thanks! Probably gonna cut down on the runs this year, but who knows. If something comes up that fits my schedule then perhaps I'll run it, but I have not big plans or goals this year. Next week we are gonna run a little 10.5K, four of us. Me and Malcolm, from my school and Eric and a teacher from his school, Vince. It's the NIDA run that Eric and I ran last year. Near by, not too early in the morning, short distance. Not sure yet if we'll run it together or what. I figure with my knee, I should just try to stay with Malcolm who I'm guessing will run it in just under an hour. Eric will probably come in near 45mins and Vince at about 1:05 (totally guessing). I hope to be able to see not only the running books, but other books of the family that you have made! Pretty cool!

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