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Part 1: Nakhon Ratchasima Trip with Family- Flowers

The province is named Nakhon Ratchasima, but for me, it's all Khao Yai, an area of hills and some of the most beautiful jungle around. Khao Yai, to me, means nature, wine vineyards and cows and it tells me that we're almost home when we are taking the bus back from Ubon to Bangkok! With all of the ranches and steak houses there, I felt like it would be a good idea to get my cowboy on!
Giddy up!
This year it took on a little more meaning to me as I had been planning to run The North Face 100 trail ultra marathon in the Pak Chong area of Nakhon Ratchasima, right next to Khao Yai. It was an opportunity for me to see some of the conditions that the runners would be running in. I've since decided not to run the race, but considering it and learning more about the area helped me to spread my horizons a little bit and learn a little bit more about places in the country I now call home.
p'Neung had to work this weekend and is the only one missing from the photo
The best part of the trip was that Pae and I would be able to be together for three days, away from the city and with Mom, Dad and p'Nut. I haven't spent much time with the family since our wedding two years ago, so this was nice to hang out with them and share the time together.
P'Nut had reserved two rooms in a small resort, not certain if I was going or not, but two rooms would be good for four or five people. I called in sick on Friday and went with them, three of us kids stayed in one room and Mom and Dad got their own little pad to hang out in during our down time. The resort was called Good Lake Take View Resort, or some other combination of those five words ;) For the life of me I can't figure out why I didn't take a photo of the resort signage!
This is where we stayed. We had two of these for five of us.
The resort itself was 10 huts on low stilts, set up in a row. They had open topped bathrooms and the walls were tent material with windows and doors rolling up like a tent. One night, p'Nut had to catch two large "Sneaky Frogs" as Pae called them. The type that just sit there with their big bulgy froggy eyes and watch you, ready to hop!!! Looked like Kermit to me! p'Nut bagged them and I flung them out far away from our tent.
The girls
The resort was about 150 meters off of the main road that went half way around a big lake with a dam. I would get up and run this early Saturday morning just to check out the area, run on a more rugged surface and to see what running in the altitude and the cold felt like.
The boys
The first thing we noticed our first night there was that there seemed to be a thousand times more stars than we're used to being able to see in Bangkok. We took a walk in the dark to a crossroad between a couple corn fields where there was no light and just spent fifteen minutes marvelling at the heavens and trying to recall the names of the constellations that we may have only really seen so clearly in a textbook back in school! It was beautiful and the countryside was so serene. The millions of stars seemed to make the night sky a hundred times more vast than usual. Absolutely stunning.
Other than eating, we did three main activities during the weekend; visit floral park displays, visit waterfalls and drove around Khao Yai National Park.
The hills are alive...
The weather was cooler than in Bangkok and felt like a proper Spring when we were at several floral gardens. So many flowers arranged in small plots. Many plots were still being cultivated, but it was raw and fresh. Lots of people travelling the area would stop to roam around and take in the floral displays.
My favorite person in the whole world ;)
I sometimes wish that I could even have two or three flowers at our home, without them shriveling up and dying...but I just don't have a green thumb. Our hibiscus plants here at home got bugs on them and caterpillars started eating the buds and leaves...I sprayed the plants with cockroach spray, hahaha...sounds like a gardener?? Well, just so you know, in the past week four flowers have blossomed on the hibiscus plant and there is no sign of bugs!!
This was a hundred meter long tunnel made from bamboo and all sorts of gourds
So we roamed around the flower parks and took pictures, smelled flowers, watched bees busy doing what bees do and just basically enjoying a little cool weather, time together and beauty of nature.
Mom among the beautiful purple flowers and Flora Park in Wang Nam Kiew
We have hundreds of photos of flowers and everything else. This is just a small sampling of Flora Park and another flower display along the highway in Wang Nam Kiew, the area where we stayed.

I'll have to post pics from the National Park in the next post. I don't want this one to take a week to type.

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mardenheyjude said...

The flower gardens are beautiful in the pictures. What an awesome place to spend quality time. (excluding the frogs) Love always, Auntie

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