Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Blogs are Cool

Pae and I were talking about food today (surprise surprise!) and I couldn't remember when or where we had eaten this one meal. So I went to our blog and searched for that time period and eventually found a picture of the dishes I was talking about.

Before I finally found the photo, I was forced to click through several months of blogs. I even read little snippets of them as the photos brought back memories of those times, even just a few years or even several months ago. As the brain fades (haha) and memories become more open to embellishment, exaggeration or even total deletion, this blog is a type of journal or diary for recording some of the times in our lives together, and also a small window into our lives for our families to peer through from afar. Of course, not every good time or bad time is recorded in this blog's pages because we do have full control over its contents and access. Haha!! We also go missing for months at a time every now and then but eventually get back into the swing of things. Nobody's perfect , right! Our blog is what we want it to be or whatever it becomes! ;)

I'm very glad that we got in on the blog-thing several years ago and started recording in words and photos some of our experiences. Perhaps each individual story is nothing overly special and some things might get a little old (races, students, beaches, FOOD, etc.) but as a whole, as a period of four or five years, I think it's pretty cool and special!


Pae and Guy said...

Even cooler is the fact that several others in the family also have blogs for their little families as well, so we can keep track of the goings on from over here more easily!

mardenheyjude said...

Hi Guy & Pae: Family blogs are not just cool, they are "wicked pissah" awesome. Ever since you told me about your blog I have been enjoying every single post. I often go back and read older posts when you go missing for a little while. It is good that you can control access and content because there are some fools who will post comments that are not worthy of your blog.

I wish blogs were available when I was younger. Good Lord, they didn't even have computers during my younger years ;) When I was younger I lived in some wonderful times and I wish I had documented those times with pictures and posts. I did not do a lot of traveling, but during the 50's & 60's I had the time of my life (especially the 60's), just not many pictures of those days.

So sharing your lives together in this blog is just a "beautiful thing". I love it. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, I know what you're talking about! There are so many things from my youth, stories that Pae tells me about her younger years with her brothers and family, time in the Marines, on a mission, in the swamp in Florida, etc. that would be pretty cool to be able to look back at in blog form - with pictures and narrative that perhaps would reflect my personality, outlook on life or view of the world at that time in my life!

As it is, those blogless times remain (as Pae says) in our hearts and minds as "mental photos". I'm sure you have a vault of awesome mental photos that are just as well shared over a cup of coffee and banana muffin! Love ya!

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