Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Annual Show

This year's Annual Show was pretty much like the past five I'd been at (notice I didn't say "participated in"). This year's theme was ASEAN as there is a big ASEAN conference coming to Thailand in two years.

The kids sang and danced. The teachers, foreign and Thai, talked to parents, stood around, etc. Here are some photos of the occasion. Some were taken backstage as several of us waited to be presented with certificates of "longevity" haha. The funny thing about the photo below is that it was taken in the dark. The teacher who took it just told us to smile, and we could see the orange focus light...what better chance to be a goofball!! Nobody had any clue that I ruined all of the photos of the award recipients until a little bit later ;)

Malcolm was receiving his 10 year certificate as he has been with the school for an amazing 10 years! I'm finishing my 6th year so they decided to take a bunch of us who had five or more (but less than 10) years of service to the school and give us a 5 year certificate. Yay. The funny thing is that all of our 5 and 10 year certificates just say "Certificate of Achievement" with no reference as to what it was given for (ie. "For 5 years of dedicated service, this Certificate of Achievement is awarded to..."), for all anyone knows, mine could be for 25 years of service ;)

Surprisingly, our school has had very little turnover in the past 6 years that I've been here. Other schools here have reputations for changing foreign staff much more often that my school. Unlucky for them. Lucky for me that I found, in my first school here, one that I felt comfortable with and they were comfortable with me.

Will I still be here in 4 more years? Hahaha, who knows! We'll thing is certain though...NO MORE SHAVED HEAD HAIRCUT!! It does temporarily hide most of the silvery hairs that have become more prominent amongst the thinning black hair, but I think I've probably gotten used to having a little bit longer hair (finally).

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