Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's like that!!

Here is a photo from last weekend's Ayutthaya Half Marathon. I wanted to run it but wasn't able to as it fell the week after the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon. Many runners from Bangkok Runners participated and actually won prizes! One guy, who holds interval training sessions at a track in town, won his age category and two women from the running group took the top two places in their category as well! Representing!
This picture is just a little funny...Ayutthaya is a little away from the bright lights of the big city...kind of a little "countryish" if you ask me...**and if you ask me, you'll have to note that I've been here in Thailand coming up on 6 years, but haven't once been to Ayutthaya!!!** Here in Bangkok, we get people running small 5 and 10K runs with their little chihuahuas or (insert other breed of yappy lap dog here).  They dress them in dog clothes and dog shoes; pretty much go all out. In Ayutthaya it appears to be just a little different! I'm pretty sure these two placed first and second in their category!


Pae and Guy said...

By the way, they both finished the joke...although they couldn't keep up with the leaders. Seriously!

mardenheyjude said...

Neat story!!!!! I hope the little cutie-pies got a prize for finishing the race. If not, at least they got their picture online and recognition on your blog. Love always, Auntie

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