Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dan Ger

In our new neighborhood, nearer to school, they have been building all of the side roads up to lessen the effect of yearly flooding during the rainy season. It's a little inconvenient at times with entire roads closed down to everything but residents of the soi, but in the long run it's gonna be helpful to keep some of the flooding down. Last year during the Thai Floods, this area was under a good amount of water. In fact, our house that we rent still has water damage and even water lines stained into the walls! Sounds a little ghetto, but we call it home ;)

One day Eric and I were on his motorcycle heading to the park for a training run and we came across some of this road improvement. We passed this sign a little and both laughed, and immediately decided that we needed to get a photo. Nothing really special, just a hand painted warning sign that translated says "Danger, Machinery Working". It's just the English symbol for "Danger" split in half became "Dan Ger" and the little man with his farmer's hat and motorized bike turned food cart or garbage collector that gives it its charm.

1 comment:

mardenheyjude said...

Love the sign. lol Love always, Auntie

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