Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TMB Park Run 2012

This past weekend was a rough one for me and my running. I have been sick for the past week and it took a lot out of me as far as energy goes. High fever in the first few days of the flu (lets just call it the flu) followed by the congestion, coughing, cold sweats, diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc., made for a very lazy and sweaty week of work and lazing around at home.

I finally went to the hospital yesterday after school and got antibiotics after Pae reminded me that I wasn't a super hero...need that reminder sometimes.

My friend Malcolm and I had signed up for a small 10.5K race here close to home where we run. There are three public parks situated right next to each other, one of which Eric and I (and Malcolm) train at, Chatuchak Park.  This race is called the TMB ING Park Run and I'd wanted to run it since starting to run last year. Malcolm and I signed up for the 10.5K and Eric and Vince signed their families up for the 2K walk.

Malcolm wasn't feeling well leading up to the run so he didn't make it, probably should have followed his lead. I got up at 5AM to walk over to the park. I arrived late cuz I had to wait for stomach issues to resolve themselves before leaving the house. Arriving at Chatuchak and the Start line, I had another emergency visit to the toilet, but they were all full and long lines near the Start, so I humped it through the grass/mud to one 700 meters away that nobody had thought to use.

I got back to the Start line just in time for the countdown and crossed the starting line and started my GPS about 3 minutes after the race started. There were so many people running on the narrow park paths so the first kilometer was raced at a walk/shuffle waiting for people to spread out a bit. It wasn't until about 3km that I was able to stretch the legs out and actually run. I was still very sick and I, for the life of me, don't really know what possessed me to actually wake up early to run, other than the 250 baht that I spent on registration...but I figured I'd just take it easy and finish and have the experience of a race that I had targeted throughout the year.

I ran the race at our long run training pace or a little faster. I was unable to push myself without exploding with some nasty sick person slime and Eric and I have talked about this often...I didn't wanna be "that guy" especially with photographers all over the place. So I just settled into my 5 minute/kilometer pace and eventually came to the end and the Finish line. I crossed in 46:51 which was for a distance of 9.3K by my GPS and 9.5K by some dude who always posts actual race distances online after races. It wasn't 10.5K put it that way.

The interesting part of the race for me was post race. My body shut down right after finishing and getting my finisher medal. I started to get dizzy and queasy so I sat by the finish line on the wet grass and just tried not to black out. I was fine, it's just that my body had been sick for the past week and shouldn't have been up that early much less exercising.

I'm missing the big race that I really wanted to race this year in Kanchanaburi called the River Kwai International Half Marathon. There's no way I'll be fully recovered for that distance and the travel so I'm gonna put it off until next year.

Another bad thing about being sick is that I'm falling behind in my goal to run 1,000 miles (1,609 km) in 2012. I was right on my number two weeks ago, but with the sickness and not running for two weeks almost, I've fallen behind. I think as of today I sit on 1,114km or about 69% completed. I just have to make sure I get a couple 10K midweek runs leading up to long runs before the Bangkok Marathon in November. I'll be close to my goal if I can get healthy this week. I'm gonna suck down the antibiotics and try to at least get in the gym for some slow 5K's...I've come too far to come up short!! But again, I guess I really do need to just listen to my body...that'd be the smart thing.

Overall feeling about the race...didn't enjoy it one bit at all, mostly because I was ill. Wish the distance was actually the advertised distance, too bad there were so many people running, an estimated 4,5000-6,500 people in that small area in the park. Many of them were given "open category" registrations and didn't have a timing chip (I was one of those). I obviously wasn't trying to win, but it's nice to be able to get your time through the chip timing website. I think this race I got a small dose of how Eric must have felt before, during and after last year's Bangkok Marathon! Don't know how the guy did it...Two months and a week and we get to give the Bangkok another go!


mardenheyjude said...

It's a shame that you were ill. I am sure you would have enjoyed it more if you were feeling better. I haven't a clue as to how you ever got through the race. Well, you made it and you have another race under your belt. The pictures are great and as always I enjoy reading your stories. Love always, Auntie

Eric said...

I enjoy reading your posts too! It will be great to go back and read these again someday and be reminded of some of the details that were somehow temporarily forgotten over time. You usually include a fair amount of humor which keeps the reader laughing throughout the post.

mardenheyjude said...

While watching t.v. last night I saw an interview with a Boston Public School teacher who is training for the Marathon des Sables and I thought you would enjoy hearing about it. If you already know about this then you are hearing it again :) She is training to run 155 miles through the Sahara desert. She has to run 5 1/2 marathons over 6 days in 110 degree heat with all her food and water carried on her back. That sounds worst than military boot camp. I can't wait to hear that she made it.

Your marathon is coming up shortly. How is your training going? Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

mardenheyjude said...

Happy Veteran's Day Guy. Love always, Auntie

mardenheyjude said...

Good Luck running the marathon this weekend. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Thank Auntie!! Pre race nerves already! Love ya, I'll do my best!!

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