Thursday, August 16, 2012

NCC Mother's Day 10K 2012

It was recently Mother's Day here in Thailand, the birthday of the Queen I do believe. In celebration of the day, a few friends and I decided to go out for an organized run. Eric took his family, another guy Vince who has just begun to run with us brought his boy and I invited Pae's brother p'Nut to run.

P'Nut had started running with Pae and I a while back when we would go to the track and do 5K runs every now and then. I had never seen him go over 5K so I figured 10K would be a good challenge for him, plus we'd be able to take pictures in our "Run for Mom" running shirts and post them to Facebook for Thailand Mom to see. Eric, Vince and their families would go out for a 2K family run.

So, my goal was to have fun and run with p'Nut, pulling him along, without making it too much of a painful experience for him. I don't want him to decline the next invitation! I told him that we'd take it easy and roll in somewhere around an hour and a half for the ten kilometers, farther than he's ever run.

We got very little sleep the night before, me just because I wasn't sleepy and p'Nut because he stayed up to watch the gold medal Olympic boxing match that had Thailand's last hope for a gold medal at these Olympics. That was on at like 2 or 3 in the morning and we had to wake up to go to the park to run at 4-4:30. I would be fine with no sleep since it was going to be basically a training run, but I kinda thought it would have an effect on Bubbles (what Pae and I call p'Nut).

We arrived at the park and I quickly introduced myself and Bubbles to a bunch of foreigners who just created a "Meetup" group in Bangkok called "Bangkok Runners". I had joined them online and decided to meet up with them on occasion since they do some good interval training and track work on Thursdays. Other meet ups (they meet like 5 times a week!) I'll not be able to make it to and will continue to train with Eric at our park close by. Many of them are training for the Bangkok Marathon in November and a handful are planning to run the North Face Thailand 100 in February of 2013. That is three possible races longer than a marathon, 50K solo trail, 100K solo trail and 100K duo (each team member runs one 50K loop).  Sounds just crazy enough to sign up for.

We took part in all of the singing of the national anthem, song of the king and song of the queen, then I grabbed a small paper Thai flag and also a flag bearing the emblem of the queen and we were off! I figured that we would probably run about 6K and walk 4K considering Bubbles was entering new territory for running distance and that he hadn't run for two months. Somewhere around 5K he picked up a bad cramp in this ribs and we walked about 500 meters.

The picture above (just found it online after publishing this blog post) is perhaps the only time I've had the energy to smile at a race photographer, hahaha. P'Nut looks like he's working hard yet enjoying himself!

I kept choosing bridges and buildings and had him run to the landmark with a promised walk when we reached our objective. Eventually he worked through his cramping and didn't even need to stop and walk much more...He actually walked less than a kilometer in total over the course of the whole run. Pretty good, because I know how those cramps are, if you can't breathe through them, they can put a quick stop to your run. He sucked it up and we put in a strong finish when we saw the finish line. Bubbles crossed in 1:08:49 which is pretty darn good for his first 10K.

I told him that I was gonna get him under an hour and once that happened, he had to sign up for a half marathon with me, hahaha!! Then I showed him a half marathon in Angkor Wat, Cambodia this coming December and he was very interested! I think he was hurting during the run, but after he was feeling that runner's high, the sense of achievement of finishing his race and doing his best! It was a great thing to see!
We also are trying to plan another 10K to run together the three of us...Bubbles, Pae and me!! How fun would that be?! I think Pae could take him! Eventually!

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mardenheyjude said...

Nice pictures. looks like you and your brother-in-law had a great time.

Thanks for the update on the races I didn't have on my list. I downloaded and printed all the pictures, etc. I reckon I am now up-to-date with 7 events. I can't wait for your next race. Love always, Auntie

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