Monday, August 13, 2012

Adidas King of the Road 2012

Eric and I joined this race mainly for the high quality running shirt ;) Haha. The Adidas King of the Road is a S.E. Asia running competition with five legs in different countries. The winners are invited to run in a final race to find the "King of the Road". The Africans ran this distance in around 50 minutes! We cruised in a good 25-30 minutes after them!
Eric and I ran this 16.8 km race not to try to win, of course, but to get the free shirt and to get out there for some good, hard running.
I'll not talk too much about the race, it had it's great points (fast pace) and it's really bad points (organization). I went out pretty hard at the beginning with sub 5 minute kilometers prety much every kilometer. The race took us over the Thaksin Bridge over the Chao Praya river but I didn't suffer too much from those inclines.
The two or three times I went above a 5 minute per kilometer pace were when the 16.8 km folks ran into the 10K runners and later, the 5K runners. There were just so many of them, and many of them were just really taking it easy, so we had to run in oncoming traffic at times just to get around the slower runners.
Eric and I clocked excellent times actually. I came in at 1:15:49 and Eric at 1:19:18. Seems that we do well two weeks after marathons! Hahaha. We registered pretty good times after the Bangkok Marathon in our Thailand International Half Marathon just two weeks after...and this time, two weeks after the Pattaya Marathon, we both had awesome pace times for a relatively long run.
I found just a couple photos of the race, but here are a couple that I really liked, as far as atmosphere, etc. We run races here pretty early in the morning to make up for the heat and as not to cause traffic problems in the big city.
Yes, this is what they gave us after the race...I wasn't complaining about getting free KFC, but after letting the bag sit for a couple minutes, I realized that Eric was pretty smart for not eating it! The grape popcicle was yummy though! I realize I'm pretty slow in posting these, I post them mostly just so I have them in the future. Great way to record personal history ;) So forgive me if I post Sunday's race sometime this week. It was a Mother's Day race here in Bangkok that I ran with my brother-in-law (Pae's brother) and had a good time doing so! Aloha! Oh yeah, and if there are tons of grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm too lazy to read this again and too lazy to hit spell check!! Hahahahaha!!


Naomi Hanks said...

YOU ARE SO FAST! That was only 2 minutes more than my 10K time :) Glad you are really into running. It's a great way to spend your spare time and keep the body going. Love you Chris.

P.S. I sent you a message on facebook about Skyping you guys sometime. Let me know when it would be a good time!

mardenheyjude said...

Nice race and nice time. How many have you run so far? I have you running the following: Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon-2012, Thailand International Half Marathon-2012, Pattaya International Marathon-2012, Adidas King of the Road-2012, and the Mother's Day race-2012. I like to keep track of memorable experiences of our family. I printed out your individual results of 3 of the 5 mentioned above via The last two have not been recorded on that web site yet. I gotta tell you, Guy, I love this stuff. Let me know what races you have run that I have not listed so that I can have an accurate record of your personal running history. Hi to Pae. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Hi Auntie, it's cool that you are keeping track! I'm sure you have many memorable experiences recorded for the family! Definitely interesting to look at one of these days, all of the family's accomplishments, special moments and memories.

THe Adidas KOTR results are accessible from the Adidas site. Not timed by Champion-chip:

You can find my time on the "international male" results link. I'm finisher number 26 among international runners, they spelled my name incorrectly "Kai Uda" hahaha.

Adidas or their timing company didn't do as good a job as champion-chip does with making the results sortable and interactive, but it's something at least!

There was an 11K race (NIDA run) and this past weekend's 10K (Mother's Day run)and the 14K (Singh 14K run)which weren't chip timed. I'm pretty sure I made a post for each of those races as well!!

Oh yeah, by the way, THe Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon is the 2011 race, even though we raced it in February was postponed due to the flooding in Thailand...The 2012 race is the one in November that Eric and I are currently training for!! ;)

Love you, Auntie. Take care and hope that yall are well back home!

Pae and Guy said...

Nomers, I'll try to figure out a good time to get on Skype with you! I may just bust it out for the first time in a year and hang out waiting for you to log on, hahaha...nah, I'll send you a time or something, just so you know that i'm not ignoring you or avoiding you!!!

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