Friday, July 20, 2012

That Last 500 Meters

Before I type up a quick post rehashing the Pattaya Marathon experience, I wanted to share some "worth a thousand word" photos that I feel capture some of the emotion and effort in that final 500 meter stretch of a marathon.

Those moments when you look up and can actually see the FINISH line, that electronic pad that not only marks your time, but marks the end to a good butt whoppin'.

Those last few minutes and final push where your training and visualization has led you.
You're about to finish a marathon. You have endured the physical and emotional strain that those 42 kilometers put you under and you are about to give it one final kick in the face and let it know that even though it kicked your trash for the last few hours, you came out the winner. The FINISH line is right there, just a couple hundred meters. So close.

Push dangit!! It hurts now but you'll be ecstatic later. The pain will go away and you'll start preparing physically and even emotionally for the next trash-kicker! Here's to the marathon finisher, and to those glorious, final 500 meters! **Note: The woman in the photo above was finishing the Quarter Marathon (10.5 kilometers), but she was givin' it EVERYTHING!!


mardenheyjude said...

When I look at the faces in the photos you posted, I don't understand how people can beat the bejesus out of themselves like that. Then I think of the shirts I see runners wearing that say "The pain is temporary, the Pride is forever" and I get it. You did great and I am very proud of you. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, I wonder the same thing after about 20 miles ;)

Love you!

Tau said...

Bro I will never run a marathon...those pics just sealed it. Hahaha! But way to go man...great accomplishment.

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