Friday, July 27, 2012

Pae and Friends in New Zealand

Although Pae's airline is has a pretty small route map, working for Jetstar has given her the opportunity to experience a bunch of new places. There are really only a couple international destinations that she can fly too as a Bangkok based flight attendant. In nearly a year of flying, she's probably flown to Bali the most, but that is a turnaround flight and one of the most difficult.
No time on the ground in Bali and the flights are either from Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. I think she may have flown a few flights from Darwin as well. It is not a flight that the crew look forward to, but all of Pae's hard work paid off this past week when she was able to meet Wolverine and his family on board on the Bali flight! She was pretty stoked about that!
She seems to also pull one or two Honolulu flights per month. The Honolulu flight is another tough one as it is a long flight, over night, and arrives in Hawaii around 7AM only to return to Australia less than 24 hours later...So anything the crew wants to do in Hawaii has to be packed into a very short time period because they need to get plenty of sleep before the next morning's early pickup to get to the airport. Honolulu is the only U.S. destination for her airline.
She was lucky to pull a Kyoto, Japan flight (only once) and had a day off there as well. She and a couple friends took a little day trip and were able to enjoy Japan.
Singapore is another in between stopover but another one where the crew have very little time to get out and visit any of Singapore's attractions. They basically have time to run across the street from the hotel and find food before getting sleep for the next day's flight.
I'll have to take Pae to Singapore for a weekend and just experience it without the stress of work hanging over our heads. I think she will enjoy much of the shopping and nature that I saw when I met my high school best friend there last year.
There is a Beijing flight but she has never flown it. The only other international flight, other than Bangkok, that she might find on her roster is New Zealand. She pulled New Zealand in May or June and again was very lucky to have a day off there. She and the other crew on the flight decided to rent a car and drive around for a couple days. Great idea and an incredible way to see a new place and experience life there away from the touristy city center of Auckland.
This is the only time she has flown New Zealand and she could very well never fly it again, so she and her friends really enjoyed themselves. Just the thought of a bunch of Thai kids in a rental van driving around in a foreign land sounds like a great time!
Pae really liked seeing all of the sheep and animals in the fields as well as much of the natural environment that New Zealand has. She said that the rivers were beautiful, especially when you consider the filthy rivers that we have here in Thailand. Crystal clear water, foamy rapids and the constant roar of waterfalls, all very relaxing and impressive. I do believe that they even visited a natural hot spring and enjoyed the sulphury spell of the minerals in the water! Haha. Gotta love that boiled egg smell!
I think Pae had a great time in New Zealand. Between the country and people, nature, animals, and just being able to share the experience with friends (and make new friends away from work) it was memorable and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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mardenheyjude said...

Hi Pae: New Zealand is a beautiful place. It sounds like you and your pals had a great time. You get to see a lot of places being an flight attendant. Love always, Auntie

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