Friday, July 27, 2012

Bunbun Visits the Doctor

It's been a while since the last Bunbun update, so I thought I'd throw up a couple pictures of the one year old bunny boy. Sometime in June was his first birthday and July when he came home with us. We just moved into a new place so he is getting used to different surroundings, different smells and sounds and even different food.
The change in diet came after a visit to the bunny doctor this past weekend when Pae was off of work. Bun had been losing hair around his mouth and cheek area and it wasn't growing back. He didn't scratch it too much, but it looked very pink and dry/flaky. We decided to take him to a small animal vet pretty far away from home and have his face looked at. Turned out, after the doctor looked at him and even gave him a routine checkup, that he is a healthy little bunny but had gotten a little bacterial infection down near his little bunny peepee and the thing causing the bald spot on his face was probably because of some eggs of mites that the doctor found in a microscopic inspection of a sample of the skin in that area.
The doctor dropped some meds on Bun's neck, where he couldn't reach with his tongue, and then gave us some oral hair treatment meds that we would have to administer daily through a syringe. When she examined his body and teeth she said that he was in pretty good shape but we should change his diet...We feed heavy pellets and the cereal that I like to eat "Weet-Bix" and a half of a carrot daily.
She said we should limit snacks (vegetables and cereal) to twice a week and limit his pellets to two tablespoons per day! Wow! Bun was in for a shocking change of his diet! We're slowly changing the ratio of grass to pellets to snacks so that it's not too much of a shock for him. I think it's harder for us than it is for him...he's just so cute when he munches on a carrot or a strawberry or cherry that Pae has brought home from Australia or Singapore.
Pae always says that she wants to see Bunbun's back teeth, because he crunches and grinds them when he is happy or comfortable (being petted or dreaming). When the vet was about to examine his teeth with her dental light/examiner thingy, she asked Pae if she wanted to look in the Pae was finally able to see Bun's little crunchy teeth!
Overall, Bun is well and his hair is growing back slowly on his face. He goes back in a week for a checkup, at which time we may choose to have him cleaned as he is pretty dirty on his bottom and feet from running around and chillin' in his own urine when he pees on the floor instead of his kitty litter! He may not like that too much!! He handled the whole experience well this time though and didn't suffer any long-term stress or shock like many rabbits do.
The picture above is Bun in one of his new favorite places in our new place. You can still actually see water stains from last year's flood on the furniture in our house...I guess I need to get some cleaning done, now that the marathon is over I have no excuse for not working hard around the house!!

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mardenheyjude said...

It is nice to have a balanced diet and most vets will encourage it, however, don't starve the little bunny. Love always, Auntie

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