Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waste not want not

A little BunBun story. When Bun was a baby, we fed him the high calorie baby food (Cuni Junior) and eventually switched to the adult food. The Cuni Junior had these hard pea-looking seeds that he would never eat. Eventually, I started saving them in an empty spaghetti jar, hoping that maybe when he got stronger jaws or bigger bunny teeth that he would be able to eat them. No such luck, he just really had no interest in them whatsoever.

Last month, a storm knocked one of our plants off of the balcony and the pot busted. I had to replant it in a heavier pot and leave it on the floor rather than on the ledge. When I replanted it, I tossed all of those peas in there that Bun hated. A couple days later they started to sprout. A week later they were in full form and quite nice looking actually.

One afternoon, Bun got out on the balcony and he was suddenly quiet, not running back and forth or scratching at a corner like he usually does. I looked outside and Bun was munching the pea plants like they were going out of style!! For several weeks, I would let Bun outside to eat some of the plants. He would eat and eat!! Finally, I either watered them too little or too much and they started to wilt and brown.

I just thought it was pretty cool how the same seeds that he turned his nose up to for months grew into one of his favorite treats (third only to strawberries and carrots).

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