Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sixth Grade Fish Dissection 2012

**Here is an entry from my Sixth Grade blog that I have to keep for school.**

Today in Science class, we had the opportunity to look at the external features of several different types of fish as well as their internal organs. Today we dissected fish!

We have read about the parts and systems of many different kinds of animals in Pelangi, but Teacher Guy said that he couldn't carry all of the COWS and CROCODILES up to the 3rd floor science lab. Fish were smaller and easier to bring to school!

Teacher Guy went to the market early in the morning before school to find the best fish. He bought 5 different types of fish.

Some of the fish looked like the kind that you would find in fresh water, while others looked like salt water fish. They all looked perfectly edible.

Here are some pictures of the fish and of our hour of slicing and dicing. Let it be said, that before we did our fish dissection, all of the girls in the class acted like it was going to be the worst day of the year and acted like they were all grossed out at the idea of chopping into a bunch of fish and playing with their guts. They actually had fun and enjoyed the fish dissection.

Before we started using our knives to cut open the abdomen of our fish to study their internal organs, we learned about knife safety. We didn't want anyone to get an eyeball poked out! After a class of sharp knives and slippery, slimy fish, nobody was cut, sliced or harmed by the knives or teeth or pointy fins of the fish!

Teacher Guy also told us to take many photos of our experiment so that we could use them to do an assignment later. It was difficult to take photos with our iPads though, because we didn't want to get our slimy fingers with fish intestines on our iPad screen!!

The first thing we did after studying the MOUTH, FINS, TAIL, SCALES, EYES and OPERCULUM, was to remove the operculum to find the gills. We noticed that the gills were a very deep reddish or purple color from all of the blood that goes to the gills to get oxygen.

After exploring the gills and talking about their function, we started cutting the abdominal cavity of our fish beginning at the anus and slicing up to the mouth area. Some of our fish squirted brownish green juice when we stuck the knife in the anus, but that was to be expected. We're sure happy that there aren't any aliens around doing HUMAN DISSECTIONS. Just the thought of that is scary!

When we got inside, we could see many organs like the STOMACH, INTESTINES, HEART, ESOPHAGUS AND SWIM BLADDER! One other thing that noticed was the muscle in the fish, the part that we eat. So fresh, almost waiting to be eaten but a bunch of hungry students for lunch.

Some of our fish had very little juices coming out while the fresh water fish were full of slimy juices, yellow, green, brown and very stinky!! Paul actually picked his fish up and the guts and juices spilled all over the floor. It was a very sticky mess to clean up.

After finishing the hour-long class, we cleaned up our work areas, washed our hands and brought our fish to the school cafeteria as not to waste the 400 baht worth of meat...We hope that we aren't having SUSHI for lunch!!

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