Sunday, June 17, 2012

My running partner

The other day at Chatuchak Park, where Eric and I run our longer runs, I decided to ask someone sitting on a bench to take our picture after our run.

It seems that we really never get any pictures of the both of us and really never take pictures unless it's a race. So this is the only one that we have from Chatuchak Park. Eric and I have been running together for several months now, coming up on a year actually! We started by training for the marathon last year, but the marathon was flooded out and postponed until this year. We got through it and are now training for two more marathons in 2012 with the eventual goal of breaking four hours.

Really, for both of us, it's great to have a goal, something to work towards and a real challenge, but we just really enjoy being out there training and reaping the benefits of an active lifestyle. We run at around the same pace, neither of us burning up the pavement, so that makes us great training partners. We'll alternate having a bad day on our long runs...whether it be a lack of energy or digestive issues that slow us down...but some day we'll both hit it on the same day which will be fun!

1 comment:

Tau said...

Way to go Bro! I still haven't got in to running...I will some day.

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