Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dissection Partnerships

Here are some more photos from my sixth grade class fish dissection that we did the other day. I split my little class into partnerships because I really didn't want to buy ten fish and have them waving ten sharp steak knives around.
This first photo is of Paul and Parn. Parn is a new girl to the sixth grade class and is still a little quiet. Paul is quiet when in class, but when you get him outside of class or make him laugh, he is just as wild and crazy as the rest of the boys his age. Funny how they actually got paired up. I gave the first five boys the choice of choosing a partner or choosing a fish first.
Since there were five different types of fish, I thought it would be interesting to see what they chose...What I didn't think about is that four of the five remaining students whom they could choose from as partners, were girls!! Ewwww! Above is a picture of Seng and Numpueng and their chosen fish.
Every boy chose to choose a fish first (probably because they didn't want to choose a girl and because they had been eyeing the fish table since they entered the lab. The only kid who chose a partner was Nat, in the photo above, as he was the last to choose and there was only one fish left, which by default would already go to he chose O.C. as his partner. O.C. being the only remaining boy...the rest were girls.
So, four girls left so I told Parn to go partner up with Earth, one of the more aggressive and mouthy boys in class. She made a frowny face as if she was really sad at her bad luck to be paired with him, so I immediately changed her to go sit with Paul and his fish. She smiled a great big smile and jumped over with Paul. One satisfied customer. Earth, above, ended up with Yok, the one girl in class who towers over him in height and can give it just as well as Earth gives a perfect match actually. I tease him about all of the girls being taller than him sometimes. He's pretty cool about it and is waiting for his growth spurt.
The next few girls chose their partners by themselves but I didn't ask if they chose their boy partner because of the boy or because of the fish that the boy had already chosen ;) Something for me to tease them about later on this year as the hormones of puberty start to flow and they get to their awkward stage about boys and girls. I'm evil. BaiPat, little Miss Curiosity, chose to be with Oat, also a chatterbox. In a discussion forum later that evening, I asked them to describe or tell me about their experience ripping the guts out of fish...Bai-Pat replied the following:

I like it because it was the longest time that I ever held a knife. I am curious about fish organs. I want to know how they works (sic). Please have another dissection again Bai-Pat

Cute...longest she'd ever held a knife...haha Maybe I'll hit up the same market one morning next week because I saw that they sold frogs there too. And I'll go buy a proper scalpel as well and let Bai-Pat do the honors in front of the class. I think she'd get a kick out of that!!

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mardenheyjude said...

You have some smiling kids in this class. You should have great times teaching them.
Oh, have you ever seen a corpse flower bloom? I must tell you that Morticia, the "corpse flower" plant (at the Franklin Park Zoo) bloomed earlier this week. Fester bloomed earlier this month but the Franklin Park Zoo did not have time to promote it so the public didn't get to see and smell it. The day Morticia bloomed it was 95 degrees outside and the smell was something else. The line to see the flower was really long. Over 16,000 people viewed it within the 48 hours that it stayed in bloom. I did not get to see it but "Pugsley" will bloom in a year or two, at Franklin Park, so I will get another chance at it. I can't wait!!!! I thought I would share this story with you and Pae. Since the corpse flower originates in your part of the world I thought you would enjoy the story. Love always, Auntie

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