Sunday, June 17, 2012

Always an adventure on the bus

I ride the bus home pretty much every day here in Bangkok. I've posted about buses before, but there's always something that sticks out, be it the bus driver lighting up a cigarette with the windows closed because of a torrential downpour or her laying on the brakes to avoid an idiot driver, all passengers flying and falling all over each other, laying hurt on the floor and the driver cursing the idiot driver for the next twenty minutes at the top of her lungs...riding the bus is always an adventure!

Here are just some pics from my latest bus ride. The first is a rock hole in the window...probably been there for years and never fixed. This was a 7 baht red bus by the way, one of the cheaper and most dangerous buses in Bangkok.

See the oscillating fan above the driver? Some buses have these, which are nice unless I am standing or sitting near one. I've almost lost an ear or the whole top of my head on several occasions when standing up and bashing my brain right into the fan. I generally bite my lip instead of letting loose with a couple choice four letter words to express my pain and general displeasure at having to be constantly on the alert for ceiling fans on the bus.

And finally, here's a gem that would get someone fired in the States. This is a sign above the door of the same red bus. Translated: "Beautiful Ride Free! Nice Body Half Price" Now, it's cute, in a "man = pig" kinda way ;)

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