Friday, April 6, 2012

GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon 2012

Finally got a 10K under my belt a few weeks back. Again, doing things backwards as far as actual races are concerned! Marathon, Half and then the 10K haha. But hey, what can ya do!?Okay, first of all, I think Thailand is stuck on the term "marathon" because every single race that is run has "marathon" in the name. I understand Marathon and Half Marathon...those make sense and are appropriately named. But when they get down to the 10K distance they call them "Mini Marathon" and add an extra 550 meters to it (10.5K) so that it is equal to 1/4 of a marathon distance. I've even seen "Super Mini Marathon" before! They have "Super Half Marathons" at 24km as well.For me, I'd prefer that they just go with the standard 10K race so I could get a time for 10K rather than 10.5K, selfish of me I know! Who knows, is it like this elsewhere, or do yall run 5K, 10K, Half, Full?The route for the NIDA Mini Marathon was close to our apartment and the mall that we shop at. It was a little bumpy with lots of little bridges but mostly it was just hot out. The dude who is in my finish line photo from the Bangkok Half Marathon passed us (Eric and I started together) at about 3km and pretty much smoked us. I knew it was him because of the way he runs. I'm starting to recognize some of the usual runners! Haha.Not much really interesting or exciting about the race except that I felt like I was gonna die when I hit 5km and I wasn't even going all out at that point. A kid with no shoes on passed me at 9km. Two women passed me as well, after the shoeless one, and I hung on to one of them for the last km. I could have pipped the one I drafted off of at the line, but I felt bad racing past her on the finishing carpet. She placed fourth in her category for women! Good job chick and thanks for pulling me along that final couple kilometers. Not sure why you're smiling in this picture though. I felt like death and you're smiling???I guess these are my only three races, so they will be my personal best times as well:

5:17:16 Marathon- Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon 2011
1:44:52 Half Marathon- First Thailand International Half Marathon 2012
52:48 10.5K- GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon (50 minute 10K I'd guess)

Just started training for our next big run; The Pattaya Marathon on July 15th. Don't particularly want to go run in Pattaya, but it fits perfectly between now and the 2012 Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon in November. That means we'll get a good 15 weeks training in between each marathon. I think Pattaya we'll be trying to improve on our first marathon time, somewhere in the mid 4 hour range. We'll try to go sub 4 hours in November!! Rainy season should be over by then and training in the evenings won't be so hot.

If we can swing it, I'd really like to try to run the Hong Kong Marathon in winter 2013...but that's a long way off...This area has some great "local" marathons; Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong (all three Standard Chartered Marathons) and there's one I want to run in Cambodia, the Angkor Wat Marathon. I should take it one race at a time!


mardenheyjude said...

Congrats on another race under your belt. Are there any Marathons where you have to qualify in order to run? We are a week or so away from the running of the Boston Marathon and you have to qualify in order to run. They do give away a certain number of bibs to those who run for a charity and they do not have to qualify. I used to go into Boston and watch the marathon and I found it very exciting. I watch it on TV now and it is not as exciting as being there but the beer is just as good. Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Thanks Auntie. I think that the Boston Marathon is the only marathon (other than the Olympics maybe) that has qualifying...Not positive. I think the BQ (Boston Qualifying times) change in 2013 for my age group from something like 3:20 to 3:15...hahaha. My first marathon being 5:17, not sure I'll be running the Boston Marathon anytime soon!! Hahahah! Isn't the marathon on Patriot's Day in Boston? I was there for several years, you'd think I'd remember ;) Enjoy your beer next week! Love you!

mardenheyjude said...

Yes, the Boston Marathon is on Patriot's Day. Patriot's Day is actually on April 18th, but is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in April. I don't get these changes from actual dates to Mondays for some holidays. Someone thought it was a good idea. Love always, Auntie

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