Friday, March 16, 2012

Yamsaard Sixth Grade Graduating Class #20 (P.6/3)

Here's a little slide show I put together from lots of the pictures that I've taken or stolen of my sixth grade graduating class. I had planned to burn it to a DVD and give it to each of them before they left, but Finals and such were just too busy since my hard drive on my laptop crashed and I lost all grades and other important school data (not backed up).

Okay, so the video isn't going to upload to Blogger so I'll just link it to the post! CLICK HERE hahahah!!


mardenheyjude said...

The video was very nice. You are going to have many great memories of these students. Thanks for sharing. How long is your summer break? Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

The students have two months off. We, the teachers will teach summer school for a few more weeks and then have three weeks off before the new school year starts. <3

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