Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction?

Eric sent me a photo of our marathon finish that his wife took as we crossed the finish line some five hours after we started. Pae thought it was pretty odd that we didn't have any photos of us before or after the race, but Malcolm (ran 10K) came alone and I came alone. Eric came with me, but his wife showed up around 7:00 AM expecting us to be finishing just above 4 hours. This photo is one of the only pieces of evidence that we were actually there, other than our finisher shirts (long sleeve, still don't understand that one with the climate here in Bangkok!)One funny story that I failed to share about the marathon was the following. The weekend prior to the race, Pae and I took her mom and dad to Hong Kong using some left over vouchers that Pae had from flying with Royal Jordanian. Basically 90% discount vouchers for Bangkok to Hong Kong (We have four to JFK in NYC as well, but we don't have the time off to fly back to the States for a visit, even though the tickets are paid for!).

Anyways, in Hong Kong, we took a shopping detour to find a sports supply store so I could try to purchase some running stuff. I was especially looking for running socks, non-cotton, so that I could stop giving myself huge blisters on my toes while running. Found them and bought them at the Nike factory outlet at 1/3 the price that they sell them for in Bangkok, if you can find them at all! So I got like 6 pair, 4 pair of support socks that have extra strong and elastic material diagonally across the arch of the foot and 2 pairs of blister proof socks that have padded areas on the toes and heel, etc. The thing about them is that the socks are made for left foot or right foot, because obviously, the big toe padding on the right sock wouldn't fit on the left foot! Same with the arch supports. They are marked "L" and "R" respectively.

So, I usually would wear socks right out of the package, without washing them. Pae happened to be in town for the day after we returned from Hong Kong, so she washed the socks for me, so sweet of her!! After the socks dried in the hot Bangkok sun, she took them down and put them into pairs and tossed them into my sock drawer.

I told Eric about my new high speed socks and told him that I'd bring him a pair to try out during the marathon. He was like "cool". Packing my small plastic bag with bananas and coconut water I ran over to my drawer and grabbed a pair of arch support socks for Eric. Arriving at the start line the morning of the marathon, I handed him the socks and he sat down on a lawn chair and took off his normal running socks. From across the grass where he was changing socks I heard, "You gave me two left socks!" Hahahaha!

I looked at him and thought "What is he talking about?" Then it struck me suddenly that when Pae had folded my socks into nice little balls, she didn't notice that the pile of 12 individual socks, although the same color (black and orange), were actually individually marked with medium-size "L" or "R" indicating Left Foot or Right Foot! She must have just grabbed two socks at a time and folded them up, hahahaha. I just smiled and laughed and told him that he could try them out next time. He was like, "It's cool, I'll wear these" and his white socks went into the rubbish bin and he put on two left socks! I thought it was funny actually...until just now, HEY...I just realized that at home, in my sock drawer, I must have one pair of TWO RIGHT SOCKS!!! Hahaha!! Good times!

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mardenheyjude said...

What a funny story about the socks. It gives a new meaning to the idiom "He has two left feet". (like when dancing) You will have to have Eric run the next marathon with the two right feet socks. Then you will be "even steven". haha :)
I like the picture of you and Eric as you crossed the finish line. Love always, Auntie

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