Monday, February 6, 2012

Missed my final distance run the week before the marathon!!

Yeah, as the title suggests, I wasn't able to do the 13km run that I planned to do that was on my marathon training schedule. All of the running in the past month, four times a week and long runs on the weekend have really helped me to be physically confident and ready for what is to come this coming weekend. Missing this last one kinda sucks but I had good reason ;)

We went to Hong Kong with Pae's parents, just the four of us, from Thursday to Sunday. Had to call in sick from school, played hooky. I brought my short little running shorts and my hot weather running jersey so I could run along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade the morning of my scheduled run, Sunday. Coming from 100 degree weather, I failed to remember how cold an ocean breeze and 55 degrees felt!! Yeah, didn't make it out in the cold for the Sunday run!

The funny thing was that Sunday was also the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon...As I looked out my hotel window, I saw runners passing! On the street RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOTEL was a row of 10+ porta-potties (yummy!). So, even though I was a little discouraged by missing my run, I was very motivated and excited by the marathon runners I saw from my 9th floor window!Here's a picture from our trip...a teaser. More to come about our trip to Hong Kong and Macau.


mardenheyjude said...

Looking forward to seeing more pictures and stories of your trip to Hong Kong and Macau with Pae and her parents.Love always, Auntie

Pae and Guy said...

Auntie, I'll try to get some more up here before Friday. Thursday is my light day here at school and I should have time to gather pictures from the various cameras (Pae's phone, Pae's camera, Mom's phone, my phone, etc.) by then!! Love <3

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