Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Foto - February 17, 2012

Taken from the bus I was riding. This is a coffee shop, on wheels. When people here complain of almost being hit by a store, this is what they are talking about ;) These kind of food vendors love to block traffic, the bigger, clumsier looking ones with bike pedals instead of motors are especially guilty. You find them parked on the edge of the road selling anything from coffee to fruit drinks, omelets to shishkabobs, popcorn to coconut ice cream on a hot dog bun. They sell papaya salads and meat salads, desserts like cake and mango sticky rice, steamed corn on the cob and crepes. You'll never have a hard time buying mops and brooms, stickers or inflatable beach balls being hawked by a passing by vendor.Right outside of our apartment, the same vendors set up daily, almost a territorial type thing where nobody else has encroached on the area in a long time. Many of them are supposedly controlled by the mafia so it makes avoid broken knee caps. We have Fried chicken, fried bananas and sweet potatoes. There are two fruit carts competing regularly across the road from each other, a coffee man (his drinks are not so good, but he's been there forever!) and a man who sells grilled pork tails, intestines, grilled skin/fat and pork neck. I used to eat the pork neck, all the time. Chicken man has long disappeared from our soi. He used to be my favorite!

These vendors are an important part of the environment, the culture of an area. As they sell and move, move and sell daily, they are part of the communities which they serve, interacting with regulars and motorcycle taxi drivers. Watching people pass by, noticing their habits, remembering the company local residents keep, etc. Perfect police informants if you ask me. There's always someone who saw something with the vendor carts floating around everywhere.

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