Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Foto - February 10, 2012

Here is a picture taken of me, Pae, Mom and Dad with the absolutely awesome Hong Kong skyline in the background. This view just shows one fifth of the skyline looking from Kowloon (mainland part of Hong Kong) towards the actual island of Hong Kong. Kinda like saying you're in Hawaii, but being on the island of Oahu and talking about the Hawaiian big island of Hawaii ;) The skyline was pretty spectacular if you ask me.

One of my bucket list things was to see the skyline of Hong Kong at night, as I'd seen before in photos...It was pretty cool, made better than expected by being able to share it with Pae and family! I told Pae that perhaps the only skyline that I'd seen that even compared was that of Manhattan, from an airplane circling the island trying to get to LaGuardia. That was five minutes of holy crap amazing also! Very lucky to have a window seat on the left (port) side of the aircraft that morning going to work!! Hong Kong skyline, awesome, try it! p.s. It was cold!


mardenheyjude said...

What a beautiful picture of the Hong Kong skyline. You, Pae, Mom, and Dad add even more beauty to it. Love always, Auntie

Tau said...

Awesome pic...Hong Kong looks amazing. More pics bro.

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