Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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The date of the 2011 Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon has come and gone...with no marathon being run by any competitors. The severe and prolonged flooding in the area saw to that! I was injured most of the past two or three months with bad knees anyway, so I didn't have to make the tough decision to cancel my marathon. Instead, the marathon waited for me.

So, now my knees (knock wood) have begun to deal with my runs a little better and are only sore when finishing long runs, rather than hurt. Before, after a long or fast run, the knees would give out, leaving me unable to walk well for days, unable to do stairs or sudden movements without being in severe pain. Too much to fast. If I went out tomorrow and tried to set a land speed record, guarantee I'm be laid up again for a couple weeks. The joints are just too flimsy, weak, aged and lacking in the proper musculature for pushing. They have limits and I just need to stay within those limits, no matter what!

So, the marathon has been rescheduled for February 12th, right around the corner. Eric, my training partner, and I recently ran a 30 kilometer run, our longest to date and came out of it okay physically and great mentally. Finishing a long run, one that you highlight on the training calendar, then being able to hop on the treadmill two days later for another 8 kilos is a boost for the confidence.

We have only a couple more long runs before we start shutting it down to let our bodies rest a little bit for marathon day. This weekend we'll do a half marathon, followed by next week's 33 kilometer run, our longest before the actual marathon. We'll taper our run distances down to shorter more relaxed runs, keep the cardio up and perhaps cross train more than we do presently.

For me, the big 33 kilometer run on January 22 is gonna be a big milestone, and once it is under our belts, I know we're gonna be just raring to get to marathon day. Now we just get our short midweek runs in, try to eat well and stay hydrated and pray that the knees, ankles and hips are getting stronger and that we can keep our egos in know, the ego that tells you that we can finish 33 kilometers in 2:45 if we really push it!! Gotta just pace ourselves and finish the distance...I'm guessing we'll add some walking and stretching into the 33 kilometers and probably finish somewhere inside 3:30. but we can't think about time, it'll drive us crazy and eventually we're gonna break down and run too hard and hurt our knees!!

Our 30 kilo run this past weekend was right at 3hrs 7min which included walking the final kilometer as we saw a fruit vendor pushing his cart so we decided that a pineapple and coconut water + coconut were a great way to finish the last kilometer! So we pulled money out of our tiny running shorts pockets and grabbed our recovery drink and fruity snack and cruised to the finish. It was a good step, because any other time, the ego would have shouted "3 hours is right in front of you! Run Run Run!!!" Small victory that will help to get through training and through our marathon!

The marathon time limit is 6 hours but we're figuring to come in right under 5 hours.


Naomi Hanks said...

YAY! I can't believe it is so close! You've been smart to go easy on those knees. Its so much better to keep that ego in check and go easy now, so that you will still be able to run later! Good luck with your 33K! I know Kevin, Becca, and Taber are right there with you in their training. You are all studs in my book :)

mardenheyjude said...

Sounds like you will be ready for the Marathon come February 12th. Good Luck Love always, Auntie

Beccarigg said...

So excited your knees are holding up for you! Good luck on your 20 miler this weekend!! After that it's all downhill!

Pae and Guy said...

Thanks for the encouragement everybody! @Becca, looking forward to the "all downhill" part!

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