Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hairy Pooper

I keep looking up from watching television, using the computer or folding laundry to find this little hairball staring at me from odd places. He usually looks guilty, but sometimes he just has that cute curiosity look about him.Here's a photo that I got after coming out from the bathroom. I had gone in there to cut some fruit or wash dishes. Expecting to take a while, I had put a bunch of junk on the sides of the bed in an effort to make the jump too high for little bunny man, because he likes to jump up on the bed when he sees us up there or when he gets bored (translation: he goes up there to poop).So I come out of the bathroom and hear claws scratch to a sudden stop. There's Bun, staring up at me, busted! But, I didn't get there in time for prevent him from leaving some little gifts for me.

I've started to put umbrellas on the bed now when I am going to be away for a few minutes. They add half a meter to the height of the bed. He found a crack between two umbrellas the other day though, so looks like he'll be spending more time in his cage!Another place I found him last week was in this small rubbish bin. We keep some bags of socks and electrical stuff in it...perfect, he has decided, to poop on. It's a good little spot for him to get a better view of higher up places, to plan his route up, up, up.

I catch him in the most random places, but don't always get the camera out in time. Some places that he "visits" I don't actually ever see him there...but the little "Cocoa Puff" looking dropping clue me in.

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